How can I make a Phillips screwdriver

Phillips screwdriver - professional tool for every trade

Phillips screwdriver are next to Screwdrivers the most commonly used for various Torx shapes. In the commercial sector, especially in the woodworking trades, the Phillips screw is now facing great competition from other screw drives, especially from Torx shapes, but not so in the DIY sector. Compared to the Slotted screws to have Phillips screws or.Slotted screwdriver the great advantages of better power transmission thanks to the four contact surfaces and the prevention of lateral slipping out of the screw head.

Whether you are a craftsman or a do-it-yourselfer - thePhillips screwdriver must be of good quality and have the right drive and the correct size if a screw head is not to be destroyed. Inferior, but also incorrectly applied screwdriver wear out quickly at the tip and must then be replaced. ThePhillips screwdriver our manufacturers meet the requirements of professionals.

    Phillips head screws have many advantages

    Phillips screwdriver are used in all trades. Wherever individual screws are processed, there is a high probability that there is a cross-head drive. Electricians always have onePhillips screwdriver in your pocket, because the central screw of a socket is usually a Phillips screw. Electrician's screwdrivers or screwdrivers are always with one VDE-approved insulation provided. In the automotive sector, the carburetor screwdrivers, popularly known as "Knubbel", are a special type of Phillips screwdriver with a short, thick handle and short blade. For screws in the electronics sector, there are special electronics screwdrivers that are particularly finely designed and have a rotatable head for better handling. Drywall builders work with drywall screws, while conventional chipboard screws are often used in the DIY sector. All of these screws are almost always included Phillips head fitted. The Phillips screw occurs everywhere and therefore aPhillips screwdriver No tool case is missing.

    Phillips screws in many shapes and sizes

    However, it is Phillips not equal Phillips. In our latitudes there are two standardized forms of cross recess drives: Phillips (PH) and Pozidriv (PZ). With Phillips cross-head, the flanks taper as the depth of the slot increases (e.g. drywall screws). Screws with a Pozidriv head (e.g. often with conventional chipboard screws) are provided with fine star lines in addition to the four flanks that are straight here. The Freareson form from the USA or the JIS form from Japan only play subordinate roles for us. The aim of most forms is to prevent the screw from being unscrewed axially in a special way.

    Following Phillips-Forms are used in industrial assemblies and there mostly in connection with bits:

    • Crossed slot
    • Lotus Head
    • Sel-O-Fit
    • French Recess
    • ACR Phillips
    • Phillips II
    • Phillips Square-Driv
    • SupaDriv

    In addition to the shape, the material of the Screwdriver crucial. Professional screwdriver for continuous use are made of good chrome-vanadium steel or other high-alloy special steels and have a certain elasticity with a specially hardened tip. At Screwdrivers Made of stainless steel, the focus is also on avoiding the risk of extraneous rust (non-rustproof tools often leave rust residues on stainless steel screws / surfaces). Special hardening processes are used for stainless steel screwdrivers, e.g. vacuum ice hardening.

    Long service life and tight fit in the cross screw

    As with bits, the tips are thePhillips screwdriver Specially designed to achieve a firm fit of the blade in the screw in addition to a long service life. Wera achieves this with its Lasertip tips, in which fine grooves are made in the tip that interlock in the screw head. Other manufacturers roughen the tip, burnish it or apply diamond dust, which presses into the screw and thus ensures a secure hold. If the tip of the blade sits securely in the screw, it can do many things Screwdrivers Auxiliary hexagon attached to the base of the handle can be used with a wrench for support.

    Particularly important in Screwdriversthat are in constant use is a comfortable, ergonomic grip. Premium manufacturers achieve this by manufacturing from several components. The use of softer soft surfaces not only improves power transmission, but also protects the hands. In addition, the handle material should match the area of ​​application of the Screwdriver to adjust. Not every material is oil-resistant. In workshops and in industry in particular, a screwdriver handle must be easy to grip and secure in the hand, even when it is oily. Some manufacturers also make the handles hexagonal and thus prevent rolling away on sloping work surfaces and mark them on the head with the respective blade shape and size so that they can be found more quickly.

    So that you can find the right solution for your application, our specialist dealers offer you an extensive range of products and individual advice.