Why Tamils ​​Hate Kannada People

Vikasana (living and working with disadvantaged children, education)

What does the name stand for?

Vikasana: empowerment and support for the poor

What is the organization doing? What is your destination?

The organization Vikasana is committed to better living conditions in rural Karnataka in India. Among other things, she carries out an agricultural project with various components such as irrigation, biogas plants, composting, etc., organizes women's self-help groups and training courses for smallholders and runs bridging schools for former child workers and school dropouts.

What could my duties be?

  • Creative leisure activities for the children in the home after school and on weekends
  • Support for teachers and educators
  • Daily tutoring for the children
  • Assistance in organizing parties and excursions
  • Actions and workshops on health, hygiene and the environment
  • Support of the partner organization in project activities / documentation (photos, films, Power Point presentations, flyers, etc.)

Will I live in the city or in the country and where do I live?

The NGO Vikasana is based in the small town of Tarikere in the state of Karnataka in southern India. You will be accommodated together with your team partner in a room in the children's home.

The weltwärts volunteer service is funded by ENGAGEMENT GLOBAL and implemented with financial support from the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).