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Taxes in the United States

When are you liable for tax in the United States?

Basically everyone who has their primary residence and works in the USA is obliged to pay their taxes. According to this, the taxes are differentiated between:


Residents are people who have a Green card with unlimited residence permit received, i.e. if your Resident in the USA then you are obliged to do so taxable worldwide income.

Non residents

Non resident are people who abroad Life, but have a green card - i.e. if you are a resident in Germany, you usually do not have to pay any taxes in the USA and will not according to German taxes counted. Still, you have to Tax return in the USA lay down.

General basic tax allowance

You will have to pay tax in this case if your Income above the general basic tax allowance otherwise you are exempt from tax liability.

Federal Income Tax

In the US there is income tax regardless of the state and from different states raised. Accordingly, the level of income tax depends heavily on where you live and work. Also there are currently seven income tax brackets in the USA and is one of the progressive income tax. The following tax rates (2020) apply in the USA:

IndividualMarried couple / life partnerTax rates
up to $ 9,700 to $ 19,40010 %
9.700 – 39.475 $19.400 – 78.950 $12 %
39.475 – 84.200 $78.950 – 168.400 $22 %
84.200 – 160.725 $168.400 – 321.450 $24 %
160.725 – 204.100 $321.450 –  408.200 $32 %
204.100 – 510.300 $408.200 – 612.350 $35 %
from $ 510,300from $ 612,35037 %

Note: So the more you earn, the higher the tax rate.alsobe valid also here the Double taxation treatyto avoid double tax payments.

States with no income tax

If you are considering moving to any of the cities below, then you have to no stateincome pay but federal taxes only:

  • Florida
  • Alaska
  • Nevada
  • Texas
  • South Dakota
  • Washington
  • New Hampshire
  • Tennessee
  • Wyoming

Sales and Use Tax

Unlike in Germany, there is in the USA no VAT and is more likely than sales tax to the end user (Sales and Use tax) viewed. The tax is not calculated in the prices as we know it, but only when you buy it at the checkout.

Here too is that Tax not uniform across the country, since the individual states can determine the amount themselves. However, the tax charge is made up of state and local sales tax rates not more than 10%.

Note:In the States, such as Delaware, Alaska, Montana, New Hampshire, and Oregonbecomeno value added tax raised.

Social Security Tax

You are required to pay social security tax in the United States. So you have to go with it these tax ratescalculate:

Employers and employees6,2 %
Self-employed12,4 %

Municipal tax (Ccommunity/ City Tax)

Local taxes can be in the form of parking taxes, property taxes, consumer goods, or inheritance. According to here it is from Different state to state. We therefore recommend that you inform yourself thoroughly in advance.

Income tax return

You are obliged on April 15th of the following yearSubmit your tax return either online or by post. If you are in the period outside the USA then you have the option of To extend delivery. As a rule, it is 2 months, i.e. your tax return must be submitted to the responsible tax office by June 15.

Tip: To learn more about Income Tax Return, read here. You can also download the form as a PDF.

By and large, we advise you to get one Consider financial advisorwho specialize in US taxes.

For more information about working life and the requirements that you must meet in order to get a residence permit in the USA, you can read on our pages: “Working in the USA” and “Visa in the USA”.

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