All humans are inherently self-destructive

Destroyed and humanized

One of the best things that man has achieved in the hundreds of thousands of years of his existence is to have freed himself from the immediate constraints of the amoral, publicly dangerous nature. Sedentariness and civilization may have given this upright, cerebral mammal with its special paws a lot of inequality and countless stupid frets with obscure rules, but there is a reason why humans only talk about prehistory when they document their times in front of civilizations means. Why a higher consciousness if you do nothing more than hop through the savannah, to eat and not to be eaten?

After a tough eternity of nature's rule over the Sapiens, the reversal of the balance of power was comparatively quick when man had learned to care for plants, manipulate soils, direct rivers and tame animals. With agriculture came the huts and houses, with the huts and houses the villages, with the villages the castles, with the castles the cities, with the cities the accelerated exchange of knowledge, with knowledge science, with science ultimately fatal rule over the nature - so apparently not a good balance, also permeated by violence, exploitation and a lot of religious nonsense. And yet the core of the failure is not that humans have learned to live far from or even contrary to nature. He is just no longer able to tame his own, which has found itself in capitalism in such a way that there is no stopping it, no matter how obviously self-destructive that is.

To be far from nature could also mean not depriving it of all reservations, as the American Frontier, among others, did with the remnants of people who reminded of prehistory. From the region around Chernobyl, where even the wolf population has recovered, one can conclude that the absence of humans is more nature-friendly than the presence of radioactive radiation.

The science that created the mechanisms for the exploitation and destruction of nature is also able to anticipate the conditions nature needs for self-preservation. It's a shame that she couldn't escape the inevitable primacy of marketing either.

The urban person (and he has long since been in the supposed country), who at best gets to know something from nature on guided tours and in HD TV documentaries (where it is a decoration for weighty old man's voices), cultivates, presumably because he is unequaled by the omnipresence is annoyed, a stupid closeness to nature. For thousands of years he has kept imitations of animals such as dogs and cats in his narrow stacks of stones so that he can share pictures of either the delicate handling or the humanization of these beings with others. Domestic animals are prostitution and pornography of the natural origin of humans. And accomplices of contempt for nature: if the pets come into the somewhat real nature that Homo sapiens has left the planet, they cause massacres - like cats among songbirds.

Other townspeople esoterically glorify nature - and then do not allow themselves to be vaccinated. Or swallow useless pills instead of real drugs because it is "more natural". In the absence of their imminent danger, they regard nature as that which the last human civilization only wants to grant the richest: protection. But she never was. And it won't be again. Because it is above all the loser in man's victory over himself to death (but if he soon becomes small, it will win again).

Nature is neither friend nor enemy; she is a companion that you just have to leave alone for a while, damn it.

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