Indians are the greatest hypocrites in the world

Unparalleled Hypocrisy: How Europe Is Exploiting the Planet

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Time for a turning point

It is bitter to admit self-deception. But when appearances are greater than being, it is high time. The whole world has been talking about him for years Climate and environmental protection, and we Europeans, especially we Germans, talk about it particularly loudly. We are also happy to point the finger at the Chinese / Indians / Americans, who are so much greater sinners than we are. After all, we kindly separate our rubbish, have even accepted the CO2 tax, and hasn't EU boss von der Leyen just announced a "Green Deal"? Sounds great, it's progressive.

Although we sometimes feel queasy, when we walk through the forest at the weekend and look up into the light crowns of the trees, but elsewhere in the world it looks even worse. Round 178 million hectares of forest area have been lost on the globe since 1990, almost five times the area of ​​Germany. This is particularly bad Amazon region, since the right-wing extremist Jair Bolsonaro Brazil's fortunes steer: The man doesn't give a damn about environmental protection and allowed agricultural companies, around last year 11,000 square kilometers to cut down tropical rainforests, more than four times the area of ​​the Saarland. In a year, mind you. While you are reading this text, flames are eating their way through the green lungs of our planet, and large corporations are setting up huge plantations on the cleared areas.

Brazil has risen to become the world's largest soy producer within a few years - and the EU countries are among its most important customers. Tens of millions of tons of soybeans land in Rotterdam, Hamburg and other ports, freight trains and trucks distribute them on the continent, where they end up as animal feed in fattening farms. The milk of many cows, in turn, is then sold to China as a powder, a business that is as lucrative as it is environmentally harmful.

But the problem is not just with the soybeans. It is also the beef, it is palm oil, cocoa, coffee and wood that EU countries purchase en masse from Brazil - with drastic consequences, as the environmental protection organization WWF has found out: imports into the EU are driving them Deforestation of tropical forests massive progress. Behind China, but ahead of India, the USA and Japan, the European Union ranks second on the list "World ranking of forest destroyers" - and within the EU, Germany is at the forefront. For EU imports, tropical forests four times the size of Lake Constance were destroyed each year in the reporting period up to 2017.

If we hadn't talked about Corona and the CDU again from morning to evening in this country, the report would probably have made waves yesterday. So it was more of a wave. He deserved the effects of a tsunami. If you read the details, you can't stop shaking your head. According to WWF, the EU states have gigantic amounts of "imported deforestation" CO2 greenhouse gas which, however, does not appear in any official statistics. Europe also contributes to the extinction of species. The FTA between the EU and the South American Mercosur states are not making things better, but worse: Mr Bolsonaro shows great art in undermining the cheap climate protection promises of the treaty.

This is it, the self-deception: We Europeans like to think of ourselves as exemplary, responsible and considerate. But in truth, we are exploiting the planet with our consumption and our ignorance more ruthlessly than most other regions of the world. It is time we recognized our hypocrisy. And start to change something.


Grief is quiet

Federal President Steinmeier calls for the memory of the corona victims. (Source: Office of the Federal President)

The debate about Corona has gone through a strange change: We have been talking about the pandemic every day for a year, but from different perspectives from month to month. These days, the discussions revolve mainly around overcrowded clinics, treacherous vaccines and the tough struggle over the federal emergency brake. The government launched the new rules yesterday, and my colleague Sandra Simonsen explains to you what should now apply where.

There are undoubtedly many important aspects around whom we revolve, but don't we have to talk much more often about those who can no longer have a say? Nearly 80,000 German citizens paid for the epidemic with their lives, they died of or with Covid-19. A number as monstrous as it is abstract. What every single death means can only be understood by those who have lost a loved one themselves, possibly much too early, possibly in a frightening situation: we have just spoken to each other, laughed together, perhaps made plans - and come a few days later the ambulance, flashing lights, lung machine, isolation. Many relatives of corona sufferers could not even say goodbye to their loved ones. They didn't see her again until the ventilator was turned off and the sheets turned down. And then they lay there, in a dreary hospital room, waxy skin, cold, dead.

The excitement of the living is loud, the grief of the survivors is quiet. But it hurts, it hurts so much. Therefore, those who have a warm heart in their body may take an interest: a bit of compassion, an open ear, a kind word, maybe a candle. As a couple, in a small circle, but also as a whole country of 83 million people who should stick together in these difficult times. Just like next Sunday: The Federal President calls Frank-Walter Steinmeier in memory of the victims of the pandemic - to everyone, whether they have died from the virus, from another illness or from a broken heart. Millions of citizens can then express their sympathy for those who mourn and suffer. ZDF and Deutschlandfunk will broadcast the memorial event live from Berlin from 1 p.m.


Judgment on the lid

Is the Berlin rent cap unconstitutional? This is the opinion of the parliamentary groups of the Union and FDP. You have one against the prestige project of the red-red-green senate of the capital Judicial review suit at the Federal Constitutional Court submitted. With the law that came into force in 2020, which is intended to curb the sharp rise in rents, the state of Berlin has exceeded its competencies and tenancy law is a matter for the federal legislature. Today the judges want to publish their decision, Hundreds of thousands of tenants are eagerly awaiting: If the lawyers consider the entire law to be unconstitutional and withdraw jurisdiction from the state, they would probably have to repay the rent saved to their landlords: The Berlin coalition would have stormy weeks ahead of them.


Another verdict

The investigations into the "Bamf Affair" began almost three years ago with high expectations: The former head of the Bremen branch of the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees was accused of having wrongly granted asylum to numerous immigrants. There was talk of more than 1,000 cases of alleged abuse of asylum, the tabloid press turned over, the AfD nagged about the fall of the West.

Not much is left of the allegations.The Bremen Regional Court cut down the charges five months ago. If today in the Hanseatic city of process begins, the former head of office has to answer for the following irregularities: From 2014 to 2018, she is said to have accepted advantages in two cases because she was attacked by a co-accused lawyer Hotel overnight stays let pay. In addition, she is said to have falsified data in asylum files in six cases and forwarded internal documents to the co-defendant in six other cases. Well then.


Resurrection in Paris

On April 15, 2019, Notre-Dame was on fire. (Source: Thierry Mallet / AP / dpa)

Two years ago today, Europe held its breath: The Cathedral Notre-Dame, the symbol of Paris, was blazing. The fight against the fire that broke out in the attic lasted for hours, in the meantime it was threatened with complete destruction. Finally, the redeeming news: the main towers saved, the structure can be preserved. Today the French President visits Emmanuel Macron together with the mayor Anne Hidalgo the construction site to thank the rescuers from back then - and all those who are now working on the reconstruction. Can the head of state keep his promise to rebuild the church by 2024?


Read what

Those who are vaccinated should enjoy simplified corona rules: Two federal states are rushing forward, but implementation is not being implemented. Once again, a German patchwork carpet threatens, reports my colleague Annika Leister.


China engages in merciless power politics with a corona vaccine: It is not very effective, but many countries are desperate to rely on it. A fatal mistake, says my colleague Patrick Diekmann.


"Frank, the traveler" looks after 4,000 groups and channels on Telegram. (Source: Lars Wienand / t-online)

In the Telegram app, the protest against corona rules and "the system" is fermenting. Our researcher Lars Wienand, together with colleagues from the ARD magazine "Kontraste", has tracked down a key figure: the man who networks all ideas for a revolution.


The power struggle between Armin Laschet and Markus Söder paralyzes the CDU and CSU. This has serious consequences for the fight against Corona, analyzes our reporter Tim Kummert.


Digital corporations, but also countries like China, use artificial intelligence to manipulate and control people. The EU is now putting a stop to the machinations, reports the "FAZ".


The glorious series of titles in 2020 was followed by disillusionment this year:My colleague Benjamin Zurmühl explains to you what needs to change at Bayern Munich urgently.


What amuses me

What kind of bang is that?

(Source: Mario Lars)

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