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Jitsi Meet - unfortunately hardly usable in terms of connection technology

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after so much advertising for Jitsi Meet here in the forum, I was happy to have found an alternative to Zoom with various conference partners -
Tried Jitsi Meet.
The results are enormously sobering.

What we played through:

Firefox and Firefox-esr browser in the latest version.
Ok, we haven't used Chrome yet, as Windows and Mac users, who we also have with us, will probably not be able to download a largely google-free Chrome like in Linux. We didn't want to get the Google octopus on board at first.

Turn the video setting down to low,
to improve the quality of the connection.

Trying out a whole range of servers - especially www.kuketz-meet.de -
and others that Cane has linked in the privacy manual.

Change of times in order to avoid an increased load on the server if necessary.

Repeatedly logging in to the session or starting a new session,
more often with a change of server.

Avoidance of data-hungry processes running in parallel.

Observe the use of lines with bandwidths of at least> 6 Mbit
sometimes up to 50 Mbit.

The results always the same:

1: 1 video chats run well to very well. Decrease in quality or stability of the connection almost as a rule from the 3rd participant with either immediately or after a short time
Occurring problems at least one or even several participants already
from 3 participants:
Bad sound, still images, up to a complete failure of the connection.
Repeated problems with logging into the server, e.g. at jitsi.darmstadt.social.

Based on my previous experience, I cannot quite understand the broad application of Jitsi Meet.

For data protection conscious, additional questions arise anyway:

Who would normally recommend Chrome as a browser - at least outside of a Linux distro, in which they are more likely to be Google-free?

Who would normally recommend communication that, like Jitsi Meet, is not even securely end-to-end - except for a two-way chat - where you have to trust the operator of the mediation server practically blindly?

Aren't these inconsistencies - due to Corona?

I'm afraid that this Jitsi Meet has to be checked off here at least.
Maybe things are going a lot better with others. Why is not yet clear to me.
Would be very grateful for suggestions for improvement.
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