Can Trump really sue Democrats

The majority of the Americans have elected the Democrat Joe Biden as the next US President. Still-incumbent Donald Trump, however, is trying to pull out all the stops to overturn Biden's victory on the legal path. All news and developments at a glance:

Trump complains about the decision of the Supreme Court

Saturday, December 12th, 2020, 4:23 pm: The decision of the US Supreme Court on Friday was Donald Trump's worst defeat to date in his fight against the election result - and yet the President still does not recognize Biden's victory. He vented his anger in a series of tweets. "This is a major and scandalous miscarriage of justice," he wrote on Saturday. "The people of the United States have been betrayed and our country has been embarrassed." The incumbent president again claimed that he did not lose the election but won with a "landslide victory". In fact, the election was won by Democrat Joe Biden, who is due to be sworn in on January 20th. Twitter marked two messages of Trump's election fraud as controversial.

Trump sees himself deprived of his victory and speaks of electoral fraud, but has not presented any evidence. The US Supreme Court had dismissed a lawsuit by the state of Texas against the result of the election on Friday evening. It said Texas had no legal justification to intervene in another state's election.

Texas Republican Attorney General Ken Paxton filed a lawsuit in the Supreme Court against Pennsylvania, Georgia, Wisconsin and Michigan on Monday. He claimed that the constitution was violated there in the course of the election. Therefore, the results there - all of which see Biden as the winner - should not be taken into account. In addition to Trump, Republican Justice Ministers from 17 states and 126 Republican MPs from the US House of Representatives were behind Paxton's lawsuit. 22 other states and US territories argued against this. The sued states dismissed the initiative as an abuse of the legal system.

Trump announced that he would continue to fight against his defeat. "We just started fighting !!!" he wrote in capital letters.

On Saturday rallies for President Trump and against the November 3 election result were planned in Washington. Organizers announced two meetings in the center of the capital. They are supposed to show their determination before the electors of the so-called Electoral College meet on Monday to formally elect Joe Biden as the new president.

Trump also attacked Georgia and Arizona state governors Brian Kemp and Doug Ducey. They had resisted Trump's efforts to counter Biden's victory in their states. Trump wrote on Saturday: "You allowed states that I won with ease to be stolen. Never forget that, elect them out of office!"

Despite threatened Trump veto: Senate passes legislative package

Friday, December 11th, 2020, 8:01 p.m .: After the US House of Representatives, the Senate also approved the legislative package on the defense budget with more than a two-thirds majority. With such a majority, US President Donald Trump's threatened veto against the legislative package could be overturned. In the parliamentary chamber, 84 senators voted for the draft on Friday, 13 voted against. Last Tuesday, more than two-thirds of the MPs in the House of Representatives had already voted for the package. Among other things, it provides that the partial withdrawal of US troops from Germany announced by Trump cannot initially take place.

Now threatens a showdown with Trump. For the law to take effect, Trump must sign it. Among other things, the president has announced his veto over a dispute over the regulation of online platforms and a possible renaming of military bases. Such a veto could then be overruled by a two-thirds majority in the House of Representatives and in the Senate - i.e. in both chambers of Congress.

The annual National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) is one of the few laws seen as imperative by both major parties in Congress. Among other things, it regulates the pay of soldiers and has been passed for 59 years in a row.

Shortly before the end of his presidency, it would be the first and probably only time for Trump that Congress overrides his veto. Trump has vetoed eight times in his four-year term in office.

New supporters for hopeless Trump lawsuit

Friday, December 11th, 3:25 a.m .: In the dispute over the outcome of the US presidential election, the fronts are building up before the Supreme Court. On Thursday, six other states sought permission to join a lawsuit filed by Texas that was deemed completely hopeless. The aim of the lawsuit is to deprive Joe Biden of his November 3rd election victory. In addition to the 17 states so far, more and more Republican MPs are supporting the lawsuit. At least 106 parliamentarians - around a quarter of the House of Representatives - stand behind the aisle in court.

22 states and US territories have already filed their arguments against the Texas lawsuit. Previously, Trump also applied to join the lawsuit. According to unanimous expert assessments, the lawsuit has no prospect of success, if it is accepted at all.

Trump attorneys and his supporters have already lost more than 50 lawsuits against the election. Trump claims he was robbed of victory by massive fraud in favor of Biden. Neither he nor his lawyers presented evidence of this, and recounts in individual states confirmed Biden's victory. In addition to the electoral authorities, US Attorney General William Barr recently said that no irregularities or fraud to the extent that could change the outcome of the election had been found.

Biden wants to reverse Trump decrees

Friday, December 11th, 1:53 a.m .: Joe Biden only wants to act alone to a limited extent as president - i.e. without congress - by his own admission. But he will overturn "every single damn thing" that incumbent Donald Trump has pushed through by decree, Biden said in a phone call with civil rights activists, like the news site The Intercept reported.

Trump had repeatedly resorted to the instrument of the presidential decree to advance projects, for example in immigration policy. But Trump's predecessor Barack Obama also made multiple use of edicts because his plans had repeatedly been blocked in the Republican-controlled Senate.

Biden stressed that he would always use this instrument in accordance with the constitution. Demands from the left wing such as a ban on highly potent firearms by decree are not compatible with this.

Katherine Tai is slated to become a US trade representative

Thursday, December 10th, 12:58 am: According to various US media, trade expert Katherine Tai will become the Biden government's trade representative. Tai, who speaks fluent Mandarin and is considered a pragmatic problem solver, faces a big task. The outgoing President Donald Trump had pulled the US out of a series of free trade agreements and fought a trade war with China that was temporarily interrupted but still not really resolved.

Tai is previously an advisor to a key trade committee in the House of Representatives and has served on China in the US Trade Representative's office. For her new post, she must be confirmed by the Senate.

Tax investigation against Joe Biden's son Hunter

Wednesday, December 9th, 10:25 pm: The Delaware State Attorney's Office has opened an investigation into Hunter Biden, the son of US President-elect Joe Biden. Hunter Biden announced on Wednesday (local time) through his father's team that his lawyers had been informed of the investigation the day before by the prosecutor in the US state of Delaware. He took the matter seriously, but was confident that an objective investigation would show that he was not guilty of anything.

The name Hunter Biden had become internationally known in the Ukraine affair. Between 2014 and 2019 he held a lucrative position on the supervisory board of the Ukrainian gas company Burisma. The outgoing President Donald Trump accused Joe Biden in the election campaign of having stopped corruption investigations against Burisma and his son through his influence as then Vice President of the USA. Trump did not provide evidence to support these allegations.

The future president had rejected the attacks against himself and his family in the election campaign as a smear campaign. Biden's team said he was proud of his son. Hunter Biden had to face severe challenges, "including the vicious personal attacks of the past few months". He emerged stronger from it.

Marcia Fudge will be US Secretary of Housing, Tom Vilsack Secretary of Agriculture

Wednesday, December 9th, 12:27 am: According to various US media, Congresswoman Marcia Fudge will become Minister for Housing and Urban Development in Joe Biden's cabinet. The Democrat has been a member of the House of Representatives for the US state Ohio since 2008.

Fudge made a name for herself in the House of Representatives, among other things, with her work on the Agriculture Committee. Among other things, her name appeared before in connection with the search for candidates for the Ministry of Agriculture. Among other things, Jim Clyburn, Democratic MP in the House of Representatives, campaigned for them.

Fudge was a fantastic candidate, he told CNN television. Although he proposed her for the agriculture department, he was sure that she should get a seat in the cabinet regardless of Biden's election for the agriculture ministry.

In addition, the former governor of the US state of Iowa, Tom Vilsack, will serve as Secretary of Agriculture in the Biden cabinet. Vilsack already held the post in Barack Obama's administration. Pete Buttigieg, Biden's former presidential candidate, is under discussion as the new ambassador to China.

Trump camp suffers supreme court defeat in election dispute

Tuesday, December 8th, 6:30 pm: Donald Trump's camp suffered another bitter defeat in the legal battle against the lost presidential election - this time before the US Supreme Court. The Supreme Court in Washington on Tuesday evening (local time) rejected a request for an injunction with which Republican Trump and his supporters wanted to overturn the victory of Democrat Joe Biden in the US state of Pennsylvania. In the brief decision, the court did not comment on the reasons. There were also no dissenting votes from the nine judges. This means that Trump's side has so far been unsuccessful in more than 45 legal proceedings. Only in one case, in which it was about a few votes, the Trump side won.

Trump has been claiming since the November 3rd election that massive fraud stole his victory. So far, neither he nor his lawyers have been able to provide convincing evidence. Attorney General William Barr also said last week that he had no evidence of fraud to the extent that it would alter the outcome.

Pennsylvania had already certified the election result on November 23rd. The applicants wanted to have the certification revoked. State lawyers had warned the Supreme Court of such a "dramatic" move. They argued, "No court has ever issued an order invalidating the governor's confirmation of the results of a presidential election."

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