How high will the sea level rise

Melting glaciers due to global warming: How high is the sea level rising?

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The most important thing on the subject Rising sea level

  • On earth there is about 24 million cubic meters of ice, of which the polar caps of the Arctic and Antarctic, glaciers and ice fields of the mountains are made. If we don't change our lifestyle, everything will melt away in 5000 years at the latest, which will cause the sea level to rise massively.

  • Business Insider and National Geographic have jointly produced a video in which a simulation it shows how high the sea level rises when all the ice melts - a real horror scenario as we know it from disaster films.

  • The temperature will increase from an average of 15 degrees Celsius to 27 degrees. As a result, the ice melts faster and faster until the sea level is over 65 meters increases.

The consequences of sea level rise in the simulation

  • In Europe Denmark and the Netherlands have to reckon with the loss of entire parts of the country. Cities like Venice and London will also no longer exist.

  • In North America entire cities on the east coast, such as New York, Washington D.C. and Miami, erased. The entire east coast and all of Florida will then be under water.

  • In South America the Amazon overflows its banks and inundates Buenos Aires and most of Paraguay.

  • Africa suffers less from the masses of water than much more from the rise in air temperature. However, with sea levels rising, Cairo and Alexandria will also be a thing of the past.

  • Asia It is also hit hard, as the Indian east coast will fall victim to the water. The coastal metropolises such as Tokyo and Shanghai do not have a bright future either.

  • In Australia 80 percent of the population live on the coasts. There won't be any more in the future. Problem: A huge lake will also form in the middle of the continent.

How high are we above sea level?

  • Now you are probably asking yourself: How high is Germany above sea level? Sure, the hope of salvation is perfectly legitimate. But they are here too Coastal regions threatened by sea level rise if all the ice melts. Hamburg is 6 meters above sea level, Berlin 34 meters and Munich 519 meters. If the sea level rises by 65 meters, you can work out which region has the best chance of survival. In Germany alone there are more than 3 million people in areas that researchers see as being at risk of flooding.
  • The only good news: So far, the forecasts are a simulation. There is still an opportunity to have a positive impact on climate change, and everyone can contribute to this.

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