What is a fake pastor

“Sankt Maik” with Daniel Donskoy: Catholic Church praises false pastor

With this clergyman, even the Church becomes weak.

Actor newcomer Daniel Donskoy (27) plays in the new RTL series "Sankt Maik" (Tuesdays, 20.15Clock) the fraudster Maik Schäfer, who by chance ends up as a fake pastor in a small town.

In the role, the (completely disbelieving) Maik then stumbles from one faux pas to the next. But the situation also turns out to be a great opportunity for Maik: With the robbery of the golden host of the community, he could pay off his debts that he has with a gangster boss.

At the start there is now even praise from the Catholic Church.

She writes on her Internet portal: “The plot of the series is very reminiscent of the cinema success 'Fack ju Göhte'. That makes them an entertaining viewing pleasure. The new series impresses with unused faces. Leading actor Daniel Donskoy has so far mainly been seen on British television. "

Donskoy (born in Moscow, grew up in Berlin and Tel Aviv, speaks Hebrew and Russian, among others) himself belongs to the Jewish faith. “I come from a liberal Jewish family,” Donskoy told BILD. “We have never strictly practiced the faith. I am more of a believer because I believe in what is good in people. "

For the series, he became a thief

For his first leading role in a German production (previously Donskoy played in the British series "Victoria", among others) Donskoy had to acquire some nasty practices, had to learn how to steal wallets and pick locks.

Donskoy to BILD: “I really tried it out and practiced it. You distract people with a bump or something and then reach into their pockets. It works like a magic trick. We have that in Cologne city center (Note d. Red .: the ten-part series was shot in Cologne) tried it too, but I promise I gave everything back. High and holy! "

Everything about the wrong pastor

His greatest sins? Cigarettes. Donskoy: “On December 25th, 2017 I smoked my last one. I hope I do not sin! But now, especially in stressful situations, I notice that I would very much like to light one. "

Is the “pastor” already taken?

The female fans in particular will be delighted - Daniel Donskoy is still available! He to BILD: "I'm single and I really enjoy being responsible only for myself."

What does he look for in women? “Openness, intelligence - and when women don't just concentrate on their looks. The real beauty comes from within, and it stays. I also find conventional dating incredibly exhausting. I then feel like I am in a job interview. Things have to develop naturally and freely. "

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