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Marshmello: The DJ's million dollar fortune


How Much Money Does Marshmello Have?

Marshmello has shown everyone that an anonymous DJ, whose trademark is a cartoonish helmet reminiscent of a marshmallow, can manage to become a world star. Not only his tracks contributed to this, but also the magical charm of anonymity. In the meantime, however, the relevant media reports that they have reliable sources that confirm that the American Chris Comstock is behind DJ Marshmello. However, the DJ, who is also known as a dotcom, still does not do without his marshmallow helmet with the grinning face. This helmet will probably remain his trademark for a long time. Marshmello has an estimated net worth of 18 million euros.

It was Forbes Magazine from the USA that outed the artist towards the end of 2017. However, this has not detracted from its popularity. But why this secrecy about the identity of the DJ at all? What is the point of the whole thing? Maybe it's about that the music and not the artist should be in the foreground. Of course, there is much more discussion and speculation about an anonymous artist than is the case with an artist who shows his face openly on stage.

Marshmello on the road to success

Marshmello's still quite young career made the artist an absolute star DJ at an early age. After the American's first studio album was released in 2016, the artist was able to secure number 1 in the charts in Germany and Austria in 2018. From working with Khalid to joint song production with Selena Gomez, there are tons of stars who are fans of Marshmello themselves and want to work with the DJ. This has given the DJ correspondingly high sales figures and a fortune in the millions. Even if Marshmello is not yet one of the richest DJs in the world, all doors are open to him that he can make it as far as DJ colleague David Guetta & Co.

Not only the marshmallow helmet and the collaboration with other world-famous stars have helped the DJ to great success. Because the costumes also paid off in other ways. After all, it is rumored that almost 20 percent of the DJ's fans are just between 6 and 11 years old. This is expressly due to the cartoon character of the mask. Because most DJs can't end up with this young target audience. For Marshmello, on the other hand, this means that the tills will ring even more.

A helmet with a high recognition factor

The fact that the DJ keeps putting his music online for free has also ushered in a true music revolution. The video for "Alone" has already been viewed more than half a billion times on YouTube. This is how Marshmello has become one of the greats on the DJ scene. The recognition value also plays into the DJ's cards. After all, most DJs are rather unknown faces. You may know their songs, but most people would hardly recognize great star DJs on the street. The marshmallow helmet of this artist, on the other hand, burns itself into the heads of the audience at first sight. Associated with the name Marshmello, which is reminiscent of the cardboard-sweet, white delicacy, the DJ has made himself a brand with relatively simple means. So we can be curious to see how this artist will cause a stir in the future. In any case, he won't take off his helmet anytime soon.

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