Topics for the presentation

Presentation topics: ideas, tips and help for presentations

Presentation topics: Ideas for presentations

You have to give a presentation at school and are still looking for the right idea? Then you've come to the right place - check out the Mä presentation topics!

Are you looking for a presentation topic? Or are you wondering how best to give a presentation? We'll answer all your questions and even give you all kinds of suggestions for your next lecture topic.

What is a presentation?

Your teacher has given you the task of giving a presentation and you are wondering what that is? A presentation is the same as a lecture. For a presentation you choose a presentation topic and deal with the content of this topic at home. You then present your content in front of your classmates. The good thing: you usually have enough time to prepare so that your result can only be good.

What is a good topic for a presentation?

Sometimes your teachers give you topics, but sometimes you are lucky enough to be able to choose a lecture topic yourself. And that's really lucky! Because a good presentation topic is what interests you yourself. You can only present the content in an understandable way if you yourself understand the facts and are interested in them.

Find a lecture topic: The research

If you are looking for a topic yourself, you can use the school library, but also the Internet for research purposes. Simply search here specifically for terms that are related to the umbrella topic or the school subject. You will notice: Even during the research you will come across some terms that are easy to refer to. Before you start properly preparing and working out the content, however, you should have your subject approved by your teacher.

Presentation topics in general

  • Snapchat, Instagram & Co .: What does social media mean to us?
  • Bananas: This is how grossly the workers are exploited
  • Vegan diet: is rainforest being cleared for soy?
  • How is a film made?
  • Active euthanasia - danger or free will?
  • Youth movements: Hippies & Co.
  • Scratches and autoaggression
  • Sexual abuse
  • Schokoholic - What chocolate can do
  • Nuclear Power - Danger or Benefit?

Presentation topics religion / ethics / philosophy

Presentation topics in English

  • Amish People: Live like 300 years ago
  • Famous English authors

Presentation topics politics

  • Child labor and inhumane conditions: This is how our cheap clothes are made
  • Street children in the Philippines
  • The war in Kosovo and its consequences

Presentation topics biology

  • HIV: all about the virus
  • The skin: our largest organ
  • Cloning can be worthwhile? Dangers of genetic research
  • Mental illness
  • Same genes - twin research
  • Emotions - how they arise, what they are there for, etc.
  • How does hypnosis work?
  • Healthy eating

Presentation topics history

  • Homosexuality and discrimination
  • The traditions of the Indians
  • The Scholl siblings
  • School - then and now
  • Famous women in history

Presentation topics geography

  • And how do you eat Crazy eating habits of other nations
  • Natural disasters: earthquakes, tornadoes and tsunamis

Giving a presentation: explained step by step

Step 1: choose a topic

A good presentation topic is half the battle on the way to a good grade - because you can only inspire your classmates and teachers if you are also interested in the material of your presentation. That's why you should choose a topic where you really want to learn more.

If you have absolutely no ideas for a presentation, we have collected presentation topics for the various subjects for you. Of course these are only inspirations or a rough direction. Of course, you have to work out your topic in detail yourself, but maybe these presentation topics will nudge you in the right direction.

Step 2: Structure of the unit

Do you have a presentation topic? Great, then we come to the next step. TheLecturemust be one logical structure follow with an introduction and a conclusion. It is best to do an outline first as you would for a housework. So you don't get confused and can work your way through piece by piece.

Step 3: practice

Do your presentation beforehand for your best friend as a kindDress rehearsal, so you can see where you are hanging. Incidentally, working materials such as index cards on which you write down key words are also suitable for your lecture - in the event that you have a blackout during the lecture.

Step 4: handout

You can aHandout or thesis paper Create and distribute to the class so that your audience can better follow you and take notes and jot down questions.

Bonus:If you like, you can do one tooPowerpoint presentation hold. This way you can present statistics, videos or pictures perfectly and make your presentation more exciting.

Step 5: puzzles

Puzzles are a great way to query the knowledge you have learned and what you presented in your presentation! They loosen up your classmates and are fun. You also show your teacher that you have come up with something exciting. First, think about questions and appropriate answers. You can enter these later on sites such as - and print out your finished crossword puzzle.

You can also find good inspiration for presentations on Mä

Mä wishes you a successful presentation & good luck - and as little stage fright as possible!

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