How can I fight bullying

Andrea Grimstad - General Practitioner - Frankfurt am Main

Very often it is not possible to take action against the bullying early enough.

It usually begins insidiously, and the person concerned is typically still trying to avoid the open conflict and to behave in such a way that the bully is satisfied, in the deceptive hope that peace will then return.

When it can no longer be denied that bullying is taking place, the person concerned seeks help from counseling centers and lawyers. This is also very useful and should ALWAYS take place in parallel with psychological help.

In most cases, however, these bodies advise immediately to quit the job and look for a new job, as the prevailing view is that in the rarest of cases the bullies can be induced to give up their destructive actions.

However, the situation can be such that the current job is very important to you, for example well paid, with good childcare, close to where you live or with good pension provision.

There are certainly ways to fight back. Usually the bullying in the company cannot be stopped completely, but it can often be achieved that one is left alone.

There are psychological techniques with which the victim can play better in the unfair bullying game that is forced on him against his will and also get a point every now and then. That requires a little cold bloodedness and sportsmanship. But when you lose after you've fought well, your self-esteem is different (and better!) Than when you escaped from a feeling of powerlessness and helplessness without even attempting to defend yourself.

If the current job is worth a lot to you, if only one person is possibly the problem and the company is not secretly covering up the bullying in order to induce the person concerned to quit ("bossing"), then at least one can try to defend the bully ( or the bullies) to put off the bullying.

The unconscious can be included here with the help of hypnosis techniques. It can usually judge better than consciousness whether it is "worthwhile" to fight for the job, whether there are realistic chances, or whether it is better to say goodbye with as little psychological damage as possible and start over at another job. Communication with the unconscious is possible via self-organizational hypnosis, so that the global assessment of the overall situation, which is the strength of the holistically thinking unconscious, can be queried and meaningfully incorporated into the decision-making process.

They can easily learn the relevant psychological techniques and, by reacting wisely, regain their leeway.