Why should people live


So that everyone can live together, many things still have to change.
For example, everything has to be barrier-free for people with disabilities.
That means:
There must be no more obstacles for people with disabilities.

For example:

  • Houses must have ramps.
    Then people in wheelchairs can get in anywhere without assistance.
  • There must be easy language for people with learning difficulties.
    Then they can understand texts better.
  • In school, children must be able to learn sign language.
    This allows deaf people to talk to other people.

For example, everything has to be barrier-free:

  • Streets
  • Workplaces
  • Residential houses and offices
  • Schools and hospitals
  • Swimming pools and gymnasiums
  • Parks and play areas
  • Buses and trams
  • Trains and stations
  • Language and the letters from the office
  • Internet pages

This is important:
There must be rules for accessibility.
There are already rules for barrier-free access.
But these rules do not yet exist for everything.
For example, the rules must say:
Authorities, schools and swimming pools must have a ramp.
There must be texts in easy language.
For blind people there must be texts in blind script.
Everyone has to adhere to the rules for barrier-free access.
Accessibility is sometimes not immediate. For example:
Because you have to build more than one ramp.
You have to rebuild a lot. Then accessibility can take longer.