What is a vanity press

Which established vanity publishers offer publications for money and how much money is enough?

There are a few issues with answering your question. The first has to do with finding a reputable vanity publisher who can and will successfully distribute your book to the major bookstores you want. Unfortunately, pretty much all vanity publishers have a bad rap, and that fact alone has resulted in pretty much all big-name bookstores refusing to stock books they publish. It doesn't matter how good your book might be, the vanity publishers' bad reputation prevents bookstores from taking a risk and trying to keep your book in stock.

The second problem is the actual process of getting your book into the bookstores. Just like the well-known publishers, the well-known bookshops also have a good reputation. They have to be very selective about which books they have in stock because not only do they have to protect their reputation, they have to actually sell books, which is more important. They rely on the big-name publishers to select the books that are most likely to sell, and they are much less likely to take any risk for a new and unproven writer.

In all honesty, I agree with John Smithers that your best option is to self-publish your book. If you are ready to spend that much money, you should be able to achieve your goals through self-publishing. If your book has a following and you can show that people are interested, any bookstore will want to carry it, even if it was self-published. Additionally, you may find that some of the big name publishers are willing to take a risk here as well.

The bottom line is that you have to write a great book. Then it's up to you to decide whether to go see an agent to post it traditionally, or just do it all yourself. Ultimately, you have to prove yourself to someone, be it an agent, an editor, or the following you build by self-publishing.


OK thanks. However, could you be more specific and name a few. Urls from these vanity publishers don't have a bad reputation? Because it feels like "my brother heard this from ..." you know, it sounds like a mystification to me. Don't get me wrong, but I like facts and figures. So please include the names of these companies. if possible and you know her. Thanks in advance.

Steven Drennon

Sorry, but I can't name anyone who is still in business. About ten years ago I looked for a project with vanity publishers, but the more I looked at them, the more discouraged I became. With my marketing background and my own self-publishing experience, I'd be willing to bet that I could do a better job than a vanity press.