Is Vietnam socialist

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Official name:
Socialist Republic of Vietnam
National holiday:
September 2nd

Vietnam is a narrow, elongated country in Asia. It shares borders with China, Cambodia and Laos. It is surrounded by the sea to the east and south. The climate is subtropical to tropical. Temperatures in large parts of the country are between 20 and 30 degrees all year round. Rain falls mainly in the months of May to September.

Three men in power

The Vietnamese Communist Party is in government in Vietnam. Their supremacy is set out in the constitution. Mainly three politicians of this party lead the country: The Secretary General of the Communist Party of Vietnam, the Prime Minister and the President. There is no opposition, i.e. no one who could politically contradict the government and control it. In the elections, which take place every five years, there are therefore no real alternatives for the voters. There is censorship in Vietnam. Human rights such as freedom of speech and assembly do apply, but are actually restricted.

War between North and South

Vietnam was founded around the year 200 BC and was conquered by China less than a hundred years later. Vietnam was under Chinese rule for over a thousand years, after which it was independent for many centuries. In 1862 France made Vietnam its protected area, a kind of colony. Some old houses built in the French style still remind of this time. After the country's independence was proclaimed, Vietnam split into two parts: a communist north and a west-oriented south. The conflict between North and South Vietnam led to a bitter war. The USA fought on the southern side in the Vietnam War and suffered very heavy losses in the process. In 1975 South Vietnam surrendered and a year later the two parts were reunited as the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

Hard work, little pay

A lot of people work in factories in Vietnam. There they manufacture products such as carpets, T-shirts or shoes that we can buy from us for very little money. In Vietnam even the children have to work, as the workers often earn very little money. Almost every second child is considered malnourished. Halong Bay is located in the north of Vietnam. With its limestone cliffs, it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The name means "Bay of the Submerging Dragon". Legend has it that a dragon created the bay when it cut deep furrows in the land with its tail. An important source of income are the many tourists who enjoy the varied nature or want to admire the historical sights.

Palm leaf hats

Many people in Vietnam are farmers. They mainly plant rice and, in smaller quantities, corn and sweet potatoes. In the fields you can see them wearing hats made from palm leaves to protect them from the sun. These hats are typical of Vietnam.
Spring rolls are a popular dish. Noodle soups are also eaten a lot, sometimes even for breakfast. Tea, especially green tea, is the most important drink. It is offered to every guest and it is considered impolite to decline it. There is no compulsory schooling in Vietnam and parents have to pay for school. That is why they take school very seriously and demand good performance from their children.