What was Hitler's opinion of Gandhi?

Mahatma Gandhi's dear friend Adolf Hitler

Gandhi and Hitler in one film? There is now, because Bollywood sends Lieber Freund Hitler in the race for the unusual film adaptations that take on the person of Adolf Hitler.

Some ideas cause a stir if they are only spoken out. If the idea is then also realized, it is a clear case for the public interest. Just like with the film Dear friend Hitler (The international title is Dear Friend Hitler or in India Gandhi to Hitler), because Bollywood of all people shot a work about the dictator.

What do we have to imagine by that? Does the Gröfaz dance through India singing? A kitschy treatment of the Führer life between World War II and tearful romance? This was not originally intended. Rather wanted Dear friend Hitler Use a couple of letters as a starting point for a history lesson, especially for Indians, that the pacifist Gandhi wrote to Hitler's chief Nazi during World War II. The ideological contradictions should be emphasized, a message of peace should be sent, but the project of the director Rakesh Kumar Ranjan seems to have failed, if we believe the first criticism of The Hollywood Reporter:

“Mel Brooks should take a look: Someone actually shot spring for Hitler, but called Dear Friend Hitler. The funniest thing about this film from India is that it is dead serious, with all the Indian actors playing the leaders of the Third Reich. […] By crude cutting between Hitler's bunker days and Gandhi's sermons in the country and full of pathetic Indian romanticism, director Rakesh Kumar Ranjan delivered a creative stink bomb. "

Dear Friend Hitler, in which Raghuvir Yadav (Salaam Bombay) Adolf Hitler, Miss India Neha Dhupia, his lover Eva Braun and Avijit Dutt play the man of peace, Mahatma Gandhi, starts in India on July 29th. It is not certain when we will see this work. If you want more information, you can have a look at the official homepage of the film.

Here is an intro & promo from Dear Friend Hitler