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Disney bought Fox: what's the future of the X-Men in the MCU?

It's official: Disney bought Fox. After 15 months, one of the largest deals in Hollywood was closed on March 20, 2019. Disney takes over the studio for a purchase price of a mere 71.3 billion dollars. After the takeover of Lucasfilm with Starwars, the comic giant Marvel and the animation company Pixar are already part of the mouse company.

This means that characters like the X-Men, Fantastic Four and Deadpool now belong to Marvel again and could appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the future. So far, however, Marvel boss Kevin Feige has been holding on to his future plans X-Men-Franchise still quite covered.

It is also unclear how one would like to proceed with the many planned productions by Fox in the future. This includes the announced X-Force Film, as well as the solo films gambit, Dr. Doom, Silver surfer, Kitty Pryde and Multiple Man. With Dark Phoenix comes the last one X-Men-Film under Fox on June 6, 2019 in German cinemas.

Meanwhile, it looks for the film that has already been shot The New Mutants rather gloomy. The cinema release has already been postponed several times and recently rumors have been circulating that it may be published directly on the Hulu streaming service.

Disney takes on Alien, Avatar, The Simpsons, and more

With the purchase of Fox, Disney will gain access to many other important 20th Century Fox brands in addition to the Marvel characters. Above all, this includes that AlienFranchise, James Camerons Avatar and all currently work in progress and planned sequels that planet of monkeys-Series with all the original films and the remakes, The chronicles of Narnia and much more.

In the TV sector, for example, there are series The simpsons including Futurama, Family guy, the US hit series This Is Us, but also the 24Row and Prison Break into the hands of Disney.

As one of the first to have the Simpsons-Maker congratulates her new owner. Certainly in the hope of continuing the long-standing cartoon series for many more years. The Simpsons are already gracing the Walt Disney Group's website alongside other former Fox productions.

But the news also has its negative side. Because the purchase could cost up to 5,000 employees of both studios their jobs.

. @ TheSimpsons Thank you Fox and welcome Disney!

- Al Jean (@AlJean) March 19, 2019

The most important information about the X-Men franchise

As things stand, only two are likely to appear under Fox's leadership X-Men-Movies: Dark Phoenix starts on 06 June 2019 in German cinemas. At the 22nd August 2019 should The New Mutants published - if it does not end up on the Hulu streaming service.

About the author: Vera Tidona is a news writer at IGN Germany.