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Ombudsman helps with contact with authorities

Volker Schindler is the new ombudsman for the state of Baden-Württemberg. He is the contact person for citizens who need support in contacting authorities or the police. Its task is to mediate between the citizens and the authorities and to find a mutually acceptable solution.

The state of Baden-Württemberg has had an ombudsman since February 2017. In December 2016, the state parliament elected Volker Schindler as ombudsman on the proposal of the state government. Volker Schindler was previously Deputy Police President in Aalen.

Schindler's task as ombudsman is to strengthen the position of citizens in contact with authorities. He supports the dialogue with the police and works to ensure that the authorities investigate justified complaints and take remedial action. But he is also the point of contact for the police officers.

His many years of service with the Baden-Württemberg police force are the best prerequisites for this work. "It is particularly important to me to strengthen the partnership between the citizens and the police," says the Ombudsman Schindler. The Ombudsman can ask the state government, all authorities of the state as well as corporations, institutions and foundations under public law under state supervision for information and inspection of files. The authorities are obliged to support him in his work. The aim is to resolve issues and conflicts between citizens and authorities amicably.

Free and independent

In order to be able to pursue his tasks freely, the ombudsman is based in the state parliament and is independent of the state government.

Citizens can ask the Ombudsman for assistance independently of other administrative and redress procedures. However, citizens themselves have to observe deadlines for the filing of legal remedies in order not to suffer any legal disadvantages.

The Ombudsman's area of ​​responsibility is therefore very extensive. However, no case for the Ombudsman is, for example, matters for which a petition procedure is or has already been carried out. The Ombudsman also does not take action if no state authority is responsible or if decisions are made that were made in local self-government. The Ombudsman also has no jurisdiction when it comes to judicial proceedings or a judicial decision.

Volker Schindler advises all citizens: “If in doubt, ask! I'm happy to answer your questions and look forward to hearing from you. "

Beate Böhlen has been the ombudsman for the state of Baden-Württemberg since November 1, 2019.

The Ombudsman Beate Böhlen can be reached in the state parliament by phone, email, fax or via her website:

0711 / 137765-30

0711 / 137765-59

[email protected]

Ombudsman for the State of Baden-Württemberg

Ombudsman has been able to help many citizens