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A little dance story - review

"A little dance story" - that is the honest title for an honest performance. It really is suitable for the whole family. Tutus for the little ones who are easy to impress. Hip-hop to calm down rebellious teenagers. Classical dance beauty for the more conservative adults. And just "request numbers" for those who like to taste culinary snacks. Breuer has great people in his company, so the thing is entertaining and - although children's performance - technically at the highest level. We don't want to name any names here: Breuer has clearly written these choreographies for his dancers, pardon them: on the tendon-covered bones. It still looks charming and not like backbreaking work.

The children should also get something, which is why two young people are introduced: a good ballet girl and the little brother who thinks classical dancing is really silly. He's into hip-hop. Both are cool, as we learn over the course of the two hours. With "Sacre du Printemps", Tango Nuevo and contemporary dance forms you end up in our time. Hip-Hop has more oomph than "Giselle". "

Pivot culture

“A young girl is fascinated by ballet and trains hard, but his brother thinks it's totally uncool, because for him hip-hop is the greatest thing. Like sisters, she doesn't give up so easily and tries to interest him in the history of dance. The young audience is audibly enthusiastic about the prehistoric people who move somewhat awkwardly, almost like monkeys, to the jungle drums. Scene after scene now follows, from the Dionysian intoxicating dances of antiquity to the courtly dances of the Renaissance.

This is followed by a few pas de deux from the heyday of classical ballet based on models by famous choreographers such as Marius Petipa, Michail Fokine and Waslaw Nijinsky, scenes from Giselle, Swan Lake, Scheherazade, etc. The ensemble can impressively demonstrate its versatility here, most dancers have yes a classic apprenticeship behind you. However, our young hip-hopper cannot be satisfied until the break, because he finds the men in the tights just ridiculous and the stories far too complicated.

This rousing final performance is particularly well received by the audience and the dancers can show that they not only master top dances and pirouettes, but also cut a good figure as hip-hoppers.

Special praise to Manuela Weilguni for the magnificent costumes. This “Little Dance Story” is a ballet lovingly staged by Peter Breuer for the whole family. Fortunately, there were also many boys in the audience and not just the usual ballet-loving girls. Dominik Girst, the 15-year-old hip-hopper, was always cheerful with his carefree, relaxed sayings. "