Who in your life has nurtured your talent

Promote special talents in children

Children are naturally curious. This is not a disadvantage, on the contrary, it is the most important driving force for their development. Curiosity helps young people to get to know and understand the world around them and to recognize their own position in it. Children's curiosity should never be curbed or suppressed.

Parents benefit from the fact that many kids are anything but picky. When something is new, that is often enough to arouse curiosity. Conversely, this means that parents should spare no effort to present new things as often as possible - only in this way is it possible to uncover and promote “twisted talents” as long as the child is in the particularly discovery-hungry phases of life.

Once the teenage years have dawned, not everything is “lost”, but important steps have often been overslept and can only be made up with difficulty.

Accept otherness

Talents and inclinations do not necessarily follow one line, that has already been mentioned. And that is why they do not always automatically correspond to what parents want or see as worth striving for. Here one can only repeat one important fact over and over again:

Parents are the central role models of a child and at the same time their most important reference and authority figures. This also puts them in a position where they would be able (and often enough) to block talent paths.

In addition, parents are the award-winning film Billy Elliot - I will dance recommended. A boy should and must learn to box according to his father's will. The fact that he would much rather dance ballet is unacceptable to the father based on false ideals of masculinity. So Billy has to go through an inner family ordeal until the Hollywood-positive film end is reached.

However: this is a film, that's the only reason why everything will be fine in the end. In real life, many parents can never accept that their child's inclinations are going in a direction that is not to their taste. There is only one thing you can do: jump over your shadow. Everything else only stands in the way of child happiness. With all wishful thinking, this can never be in the parental interest.

The right promotion

The child had the opportunity to get a taste of many areas. But it is unmistakable that it keeps drifting back in one direction. Either because this corresponds to his inclinations, or because there is real talent that rises above the normality of pure "fun in joy". Then parents have several options to help.

Where is my child?

If the area in which a child is at least interested does not belong to a field that is routinely mastered by the parents, the latter often lacks the ability to classify the standing of their offspring. It is generally advisable to sit down with an expert.

If the topics are purely school-related, subject teachers can be the first important point of contact, also because they are much better informed about topics related to the promotion of gifted children. In addition, grades do not reflect all aspects of development or talent. Beyond that, however, you should never be afraid to go further.

Do it together

Parents may at best be laypeople in the field their child is interested in. But you should never forget the following:

  • Parental endorsement is the most important form of endorsement for children, far ahead of other people.
  • Most children also enjoy being able to share their passion with their closest caregivers.