What are some interesting facts about Vermont

Vermont - pure nature experience

Vermont - State of the Green Mountains

Because of its low population density, it is one of the US states with the lowest population. The Capital Vermonts is Montpelierwhich is also the smallest in relation to its population. The Surname Vermont comes from the French and derives from "Les verts monts" - meaning "the green mountains" - from. This is an allusion to the beautiful Green Mountains that are here in Vermont and have also coined the nickname "The Green Mountain State". The Green Mountains extend impressively over the entire state and divide it into an east and a west half.

Vermont Landmark - The Covered Bridges

Of all the New England states, Vermont owns the most covered bridges, which is mainly due to the Bestseller "The bridges on the river" and its filming aroused people's interest. Like lighthouses, covered bridges are part of the typical New England landscape. They also have a special charm Woods from that after all 75% of the state area take in. Many wealthy city dwellers have rented a weekend house here and that is quite understandable when you look at the beautiful landscape. The disadvantage, however, was that it caused real estate prices to skyrocket.

A landscape, picturesquely shaped by agriculture

Picturesque villages, red barns, countless covered bridges, magnificent forests, picturesque country roads, vast farmland and an impressive mountain region characterize the Green Mountain State. Since the ground is quite rocky and hard, it is preferred Arable farming operated. Nowhere else does the number of dairy cows exceed the population. Vermont is also known for its Maple syrup and the world famous Ben & Jerry's ice cream factory.

Vermont climate - pleasantly refreshing

The summer are right here compared to the other New England states short, but mild and with a few Rainy days. The Temperatures lie between 6 - 28 ° C. In contrast, the Very long winter and also very cold. Snowfall are quite extensive here and the temperatures vary between -13 - +3 ° C. As is the case in all New England states Indian summerwho in late summer begins and lasts until autumn, the most beautiful time of year and travel time.

A heart for winter sports enthusiasts

In winter, Vermont is mostly at Winter sports enthusiasts very popular, then lure Ski areas how Killington or Stowe at Mount Mansfield Heritage Park. If you are not a fan of winter sports, you can do an extensive one hiking tour through the idyllic picture book landscape. The most famous hiking trails here are the Appalachian Trail and the Long Trail. The Long Trail has a total length of 423 km. North of Rutland, which is in the heart of Vermont and an ideal base Round trips is, the Long Trail meets the Appalachian Trail. The latter is the longest hiking trail in the world. The highest point in Vermont is Mount Mansfield with its 1,339 m, while the lowest point is Lake Champlain.