What is beyond genius

On the ordeal of genius in this world and the hereafter - buy an antiquarian book

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Payment methods offered

  • Bank transfer (prepayment)
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Shipping costs for books

Shipping costs for books staggered according to weight
up to 500 g2,20 €10,00 €16,00 €
up to 1000 g2,50 €10,00 €16,50 €
up to 2000 g5,00 €10,00 €16,50 €
up to 5000 g7,80 €18,00 €46,00 €
up to 10000 g10,00 €23,00 €63,00 €
about that10,00 €46,00 €132,00 €

Note: The flat-rate shipping costs mentioned below are only used if the weight is missing in an offer, otherwise shipping is calculated according to the weight scale.

 Land route
Flat rate shipping2,50 €
flat rate from 40.00 €5,00 €

Additional contract, shipping, delivery and payment terms

Shipment takes place after payment in advance (bank transfer).
The shipping costs apply to uninsured consignments from Post AG.
If an insured shipment is desired, the costs increase.
Without legal guarantee, as private sale.
ABROAD: depending on the shipping method + speed, possibly surcharges e.g. registered mail (due to mutual security) parcel or parcel - then everything by prior arrangement!