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The development of the visual processing of political reporting in news magazines in an international comparison

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An empirical study of the visual processing of political news can, as became clear in the introductory chapter on research into the connections between image-oriented media reporting and political reception, relate to many different aspects. So far, surveys on image content have been found particularly frequently, which, for example, contain personalization tendencies or comparisons of the preparation of topics - for example the connection between war reporting and depictions of violence. The investigation carried out within the scope of the present work shows a different orientation. It ties in with the theoretical considerations of the previous sections and tries to capture and clarify the developments in visual news processing in news magazines by means of a quantitative survey. The category scheme of the study was created according to the main thesis of the thesis, which states that the context and the way in which images are used are essential for an understanding of media visual communication. It is therefore not image content, but rather data on the use of various visual elements that is collected. The exact procedure and the individual questions of the investigation are described in detail below.

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