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Locally produced products from your last vacation in Italy? The Berlin start-up Omioo provides a remedy

The Berlin start-up Omioo offers individual, locally produced products from Europe's best small companies and creatives.

"The most important thing is the energy when you work together"

Many careers start in large companies, including Matthias Eiseles. “I got to know various large corporations during my studies. On the one hand, I learned a lot, but I also realized pretty quickly that I couldn't imagine a future in these companies. I found the long decision-making processes and the many hierarchies a burden, "says Matthias Eisele, co-founder of Omioo.

Matthias had the specific idea of ​​founding a start-up during an internship with an investor. During his studies, he founded his first own company. The second follows quickly. As with many start-ups, the road is rocky. “The first start-up in the gaming sector has now been discontinued. Unfortunately, the second one no longer works either, ”says Matthias. "These experiences have shown me how important a well-functioning team is," continues Matthias. Matthias has known his current co-founder, Hernan Maguina, for a long time. When hiring new people, Matthias has now developed a mantra: "Intelligence, loyalty and energy". At the same time, experience has taught him to approach starting a business more carefully.

A curated marketplace for local products

The result is Omioo, a curated marketplace to sell, discover and buy unique, locally produced products. “Everyone has walked through a street on a trip with products that are very specific to the region. We enable access to these products, even if you cannot be there yourself, ”says Matthias. “With Omioo, we enable selected local producers to offer their products worldwide and, on the other hand, we create easy access for buyers,” continues Matthias. The marketplace now includes more than 1,500 products from 22 different European countries in categories such as fashion for women, men and children, beauty, home and food & drink.

What makes Omioo unique? All products are carefully selected and exclusively produced in Europe. All product texts are available in five different languages ​​and each seller is presented in detail. “We want to tell the story of the seller and what drives them,” says Matthias. The business model is simple. A commission fee is due for every successful transaction.

The idea came from Matthias Frau, a Catalan woman. “We have a lot of international friends who very often have special products brought from their country or order them online. However, this usually only works with local knowledge and the appropriate language skills, ”says Matthias. Matthias found a problem that had to be solved and founded Omioo. With an annual growth of 20-25% in cross-border e-commerce, Omioo has its finger on the pulse. Omioo particularly appeals to customers who prefer products from the higher quality segments.

The future

The platform, which was developed entirely in-house, is currently being adapted to accommodate dealers. “Originally we only focused on the target group of independent producers, but over time, more and more retailers have shown interest in our solution. They too often lack easy access to an international audience, ”says Matthias. At the same time, Omioo will focus on improving the shopping experience over the next few weeks. In addition to the expansion of the product catalog, there will be more information about the regions and the use of the products in the future. "As we are still at the beginning, one of our next steps is to further expand our community and to scale our marketing internationally", Matthias explains the plans for the near future.

Omioo is currently financed by the MELO Group, a medium-sized company in the field of press distribution based in Munich. "With very limited resources, we managed to get the proof of concept, so we are now rethinking and concluding our first financing round," says Matthias.