How noble is BMW


In the USA the clocks tick differently: hours before the premiere of the BMW Alpina B8 Gran Coupé planned for this evening, numerous photos were published on the website of BMW USA. The US market plays a central role for the new Alpina B8, but Buchloe would still have gladly done without this American surprise. Thanks to the early start on the other side of the Atlantic, all questions about the design of what is probably the finest variant of the BMW 8 Series Gran Coupé are already answered so that we can concentrate fully on the technology this evening.

In the first photos, the BMW Alpina B8 shines in classic alpine green, which further emphasizes its elegance. The large multi-spoke rims in the Alpina Classic design make the B8 immediately recognizable as Alpina, even from the side. While there is no license plate on the front on the US market and the Alpina logo on the lower edge of the front apron is responsible for the only characters, German copies will of course have a license plate below the kidney.

All questions about the price and technology of the BMW Alpina B8 Gran Coupé should be answered this evening. Anything but a takeover of the proven drivetrain from B5, B7 and XB7, which has been adapted in certain points, would be a big surprise. If this does not happen, the new B8 goes to the start with a 621 PS strong V8 biturbo, which with its very early 800 Newton meters of torque exudes enormous aplomb in every situation.

The fact that the Buchloer alternative to the BMW M8 Gran Coupé can accelerate from standstill to country road speed in little more than 3 seconds is more of a by-product than an essential development goal of the engineers. And even if it plays practically no role in the US market, the top speed of around 330 km / h is also an important proof of the abilities of the luxury athlete for US customers.

At the moment there are comparatively few photos of the interior, but the high quality of the cockpit is also very clear from the photos previously published by BMW USA. The exclusive details include the numbered Alpina badge, the iDrive controller with integrated Alpina logo and the B8 logo in the selector lever of the eight-speed automatic: