What's the worst snack

The 5 worst foods for kids

More and more families are worried about it Children eat as healthily as possiblethanks to the fact that we are increasingly aware of the effects of certain foods on the health of little ones. From the age of 2 and as long as the pediatrician does not specify otherwise, children can eat practically anything. However, there are certain foods that, while you can ingest them, are very negative for your health and therefore they should be removed from your diet.

The consequences of consuming one of the 5 worst foods you may see below can be as serious as childhood obesity, diabetes and other types of diseases. On the other hand, they are in any case products that do not provide any essential nutrients. This means that these foods do not contribute anything healthy to the child's body and are therefore completely dispensable.


The 5 worst foods

Here are the 5 worst foods for child health, the ones that should disappear from your diet and some options for you to replace with other healthier options.

Sweets and gummy bears

The sweets, the trinkets, gummy bears, etc. are products made from sugar, chemicals, flavor enhancers, highly recommended oils and saturated fats among others. In other words, with every gummy bear that your child eats, they introduce a large amount of empty calories as well as dangerous substances into their body. Excess sugar can affect your children's health in a number of ways.

  • Dental problems: The sugar in gums stays between your teeth for a long time, at risk of suffering Cariesamong other problems.
  • diabetes
  • Overpriced and obesity
  • Hipertension

Instead of consuming industrial sweets and gums, You can try preparing yourself at home lals gummy bears for your children.

Industrial pastries

Industrial sweets and rolls, although increasingly trying to make them with less harmful substances, are still products full of saturated fats, sugars and all kinds of unhealthy preservatives. Instead of choosing industrial pastries, prepare cakes, pies, cookies, and all kinds of sweets to make at home with your children.

Consequently You can choose the healthiest foods and control the sugar in candy. Plus, your kids will have fun cooking and handling these foods.

Packaged juices and soft drinks

Packaged juices contain very little fruit and a lot of sugarso they are unhealthy for children. Worse still are sodas and carbonated drinks that contain large amounts of sugar and other very harmful substances.

Even natural juices are no longer suitable for children, as many pieces of fruit are needed to get an adequate amount. They also contain a lot more sugar than if you take the whole fruit. Therefore, avoid the abuse of natural juices and Choose to give them the natural fruit.


And that category includes hamburgers, pizzas, hot dogs, etc., whether it's frozen and you heat it at home or if you consume it in a fast food restaurant. This doesn't mean you can't give your kids a hamburger or pizza. What you can do is Always prepare them at home using the healthiest products and dishes much richer than the ultra-processed ones.

You can find very healthy options to prepare for in this link homemade pizza with natural ingredients and very surprising.

Salty snacks

Potato chips, fried potatoes, and all kinds of similar snacks are filled with artificial flavor enhancers, hydrogenated oils, excess salt, and many very unhealthy substances. If you want to give the kids a snack from time to time, you can make some very healthy potato chips at home. You only have to Cut the potato slices very thinly and bake with a little olive oil. Delicious, healthy and perfect for a Saturday afternoon with the family.