What do F1 tickets cost

Formula 1 - Germany Grand Prix: What do the tickets cost?

The German Grand Prix will take place in Hockenheim at the end of July. Tickets for the only Formula 1 race in Germany are still available. SPOX tells you which categories there are around the Hockenheimring and what the tickets cost.

From July 26th to 28th it's that time again. The Formula 1 circus stops at the Hockenheimring in Baden-Württemberg. As usual, the German Grand Prix is ​​a real crowd puller. And so numerous ticket categories for this year's edition have already been sold out.

For last-minute travelers, however, there are still tickets in various categories.

There are even tickets for the exclusive Paddock Club. The whole weekend costs a slim 4750 euros per person, while tickets only for Saturday and Sunday only cost 4045 euros.

Grand Prix of Germany: VIP tickets are still available

Additional VIP tickets are available from 1606.50 euros, while category 1 on the upper tier of the south stand (519 euros) is already sold out.

The tickets for the main grandstand, which is Category 2, are also completely sold out. The weekend cost 409 euros here. Category 3, on the other hand, is still available on the south and north grandstands and the upper tier of the Mercedes grandstand for 359 euros for the weekend.

The same applies to category 4 for 289 euros as well as category 5 for 239 euros and category 6 (interior stand) for 189 euros. If you are only interested in Sunday, the day of the race, you can plan in the corresponding categories with a price reduction of 20 euros per category.

Formula 1 - German Grand Prix: prizes, tickets and categories

categoryGrandstandPrice (weekend) in euros
Paddock Club-4750
2Main, south409
3South, north, Mercedes359
4South, north, Mercedes289
5South, north, inside239

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1Lewis HamiltonGBRMercedes223
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