What's life in Newark

Which neighborhoods are the best in New Jersey?

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That's right ... we looked at the crime statistics earlier ...

Possibly. we should choose a small town where a reasonable average annual income of households and a larger white (this is not supposed to be racism) population suggest a good standard of living and security.

Preferably near NY City and the Atlantic Ocean, of course.
Since I live about 20 minutes away from Murray Hill, I allow myself to answer.

I would stay in Newark if you are planning an adventure vacation, need close proximity to drug handling stations and carjackings, or if you don't want to be safe in your life in general. The same goes for Elizabeth, Union, parts of the Oranges and Irvington.

The beautiful towns of Summit, Chatham, Short Hills, Maplewood or Madison along the Morris Train Line are ideal for you. Westfield is also quite popular, but I don't know that myself. Berkeley Heights and Murray Hill should be nice too.

If the proximity to the city is very important to you and the Morris railway line for Summit, Chatham, Short Hills, Maplewood, Madison is not close enough (takes 25 - 50 minutes depending on the station), then you move to the waterfront in Jersey City. But you have to expect some traffic for the commute.

What your price budget looks like will of course determine what you can afford.