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Future-proof thanks to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

The right key to the lock: high performance and security with the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
The PlanetHome Group, headquartered in Munich / Unterföhring, is one of the leading real estate service providers in Germany and Austria. With more than 700 employees and around 100 locations, the company specializes in the brokerage and financing of residential real estate. The focus of the business model lies in the close cooperation with banks, insurance companies and financial service providers in order to optimally complement their range of services for customers around the property.

Since it was founded in 2000, the company has brokered around 100,000 real estate units. With an average of over a billion loan volume brokered, PlanetHome is also one of the largest independent real estate financiers in Germany. In terms of future viability, the company pays great attention to the IT strategy for digital transformation. In order to be able to continue the cloud course taken in the course of this in the best possible way, PlanetHome followed the advice of Logicalis GmbH and migrated its Oracle databases and application servers to the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

The agony of choice: the right cloud computing platform
The amount of digital data that PlanetHome has to manage is steadily increasing - the path to the cloud was therefore a logical consequence. So far, the central systems of the Oracle environment, including the PlanetHome database and application servers, have been operated by a data center service provider. Due to high monthly costs and a lack of flexibility, the company considered migrating its Oracle databases to the Microsoft Azure Cloud at the end of 2019.

"Since some of our applications were already in the Azure Cloud, this seemed a logical next step," says Wolfgang Maier, Head of IT Service & Support at PlanetHome. “Ultimately, we followed the advice of Logicalis GmbH, which we brought in, and opted for the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.” As a second-generation corporate cloud, it is specifically geared towards the requirements of business-critical applications and offers, among other things, powerful calculation and network functions.

More performance, lower costs: the advantages of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
Logicalis, already familiar with the PlanetHome requirements due to an Oracle license audit carried out, convinced the real estate service provider that the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) is preferable to the Azure Cloud in its case: “Our recommendation was based, among other things, on the lower license and Operating costs ”, explains Stefan Messerschmidt, the responsible Logicalis Account Manager. "However, additional security mechanisms, such as the encryption of the databases, also played an important role."

Swift implementation despite unexpected challenges
In the course of the database migration it turned out that the source database was using an outdated character set and had to be converted before the migration. Logicalis solved the problem with the help of a migration script that made the data from the legacy system, including character set conversion, available in the Oracle Cloud. Maier: "We were pleased that the delay was kept within limits." Because the test of the core applications after the character set conversion went smoothly, so that the migration of the databases to the OCI was completed in early 2020. Despite the delay, the project duration was only four months - including coordination and construction of the virtual cloud network in the OCI, VPN connection to the on-premises network and provision of the web, application and database servers in the Oracle Cloud.

The result: PlanetHome now has an optimal solution for its requirements. In addition to cost savings in operation, the OCI brings decisive added value such as essential security aspects, more availability and increased flexibility. The company is thus future-proof and can defy the competition in the age of digitization. “The collaboration with Logicalis was a complete success in terms of advice and implementation,” Maier sums up. The IT manager sees another big plus point in the area of ​​license management: "Logicalis advised us comprehensively on the necessary Oracle licenses and took this uncomfortable topic completely out of our hands."