How do I take an aptitude test

Practice the recruitment test and aptitude test free of charge

The recruitment test: questions and tasks

The current methods draw from a large reservoir of various tasks in a wide variety of categories: general knowledge, language, mathematics, logic, concentration, technical understanding and visual thinking. Depending on the occupation, the training company selects specific tasks from this pool and creates a tailor-made recruitment test that is precisely tailored to the respective requirement profile.

The tasks in the recruitment test sometimes seem more, sometimes less familiar: questions about language understanding, mathematics and general knowledge put knowledge that is part of the school's educational canon or - in an advanced form - based on it. In addition, the aptitude test also examines skills that are not taught directly in school: for example, logical thinking, technical understanding, visual thinking or the ability to concentrate. The corresponding tasks are usually not known from school lessons and therefore require particularly thorough preparation.

Practice the recruitment test realistically online

Each training park online aptitude test is free and contains - depending on the profession - questions and tasks from different categories. If you want to practice the recruitment tests online under realistic conditions, we recommend a processing time of 30 minutes per test. After you have answered all the questions, you will receive the overall evaluation as well as the individual results for the task categories.

Please note: Each online aptitude test is only a small excerpt from the extensive original exams. There is only one thing to optimally prepare for the "real" recruitment test for training: practice, practice, practice - as thoroughly as possible. Familiarize yourself with the different types of tasks that are typical for your job. If you come across questions in the sample recruitment tests online that you cannot answer: Don't worry! You will certainly have some time left to correct weak points.

Those who prepare thoroughly and conscientiously for the various tasks in the recruitment test can significantly increase their chances of success. Natural talents who can answer all questions impromptu unprepared are the absolute exception.