Can we have floating cities on Saturn?

China is planning a floating city in the sea On this island you can go underground

Art islands like “The Palm” and “The World”, mega-skyscrapers like Burj Khalifa or entire desert cities - so far, Dubai has been known above all for crazy architecture projects.

Now China is competing with the Gulf emirate: with an artificial island of around 10 square kilometers, most of it under the sea level.

According to the Daily Telegraph, the project is intended to create new living space and relieve the country's overcrowded cities. On the other hand, the planned “Floating City” should also serve as a tourist attraction.

What is special about the design: It is designed like an iceberg. Only the tip protrudes from the sea, the majority is under water.

Residents and visitors should find restaurants and museums, shopping centers and concert halls in the deep. You can marvel at the underwater world with its fish through huge window fronts. Even trees should be able to grow here, because daylight is directed under the water. The underwater hotels, whose guests can arrive and depart by submarine, are to become a very special attraction for visitors.

The Chinese engineering company CCCC and the British architecture firm AT Design Office are behind the design. Its director Tony Fan says of the project: “Chinese investors are looking for attractions that have never been there before, and an underwater city is of course extremely attractive. In Great Britain, people long for the sun and the beach. For the Chinese, on the other hand, it is a delightful idea to dive under the sea. "

The floating city should be completely self-sufficient, produce its own electricity, collect rainwater and even have its own farms "on board". Initially, it was planned to build the "Floating City" off the coast of Macau in the water. But since it takes care of itself, it can theoretically lie anywhere - even in the middle of the sea.

Even if some critics doubt the feasibility of the project - the necessary money would be available: CCCC is one of the most powerful Chinese investors. If everything goes according to plan, construction work could start in ten to 20 years ...

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