Which cars hold their resale value best

Resale value of the car: what price can you set?

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Determine the resale value of the car

The own motor vehicle is still one of the most popular means of transport in Germany. So it is hardly surprising that the car market can also post good sales. Cars are no longer only sold by car dealerships and dealers.

Also In the private sector, vehicle sales are becoming more and more important. If you want to sell your vehicle, you must of course first think about which one The car should achieve resale value.

But how exactly can you actually determine, how much is your car still worth? Are there ways that Resale value of cars positive to influence? Our guide provides the right answers to these and other questions.

FAQ: resale value of the car

How can the resale value of a vehicle be determined?

The Schwacke list, among other things, can provide orientation. Alternatively, an individual expert opinion can also be commissioned.

Which factors have a positive effect on the resale value?

We have compiled some examples here.

Have your vehicle valued for free

Can you calculate the resale value of the car yourself?

For Laypersons it is common difficult to assess, how much a vehicle is worth. A trained eye knows exactly what to look out for and can reliably assess both the visual and technical condition of the vehicle.

Have you a Friend or acquaintance, which has the corresponding Expertise , it is recommended in any case to do this after his opinion to ask. Ultimately, the resale value of a car also depends on it supply and demand from.

Is your vehicle a common model, which is offered in a large number, this usually reduces the chances of achieving a good resale value for the car. To one first overview to get how much your car is worth on average, you can use ours use free calculator.

consider it: If you want our calculator to calculate the resale value of your car, you should have all necessary information ready. This includes, for example, the date of first registration, model, vehicle type and the current mileage.

Find out the resale value of cars with Schwacke and Co.

There are also other ways to determine the resale value of your car. The Schwacke list is a popular tool among traders for Vehicle evaluation. The Company analyzes purchase and sales prices of over 70,000 vehicle models.

In principle, anyone can get a copy of the list, but this is more intended for dealers and moreover chargeable. A cheaper alternative can be the own research represent.

Scour You the common sales platforms and get yourself one overviewthe price at which your vehicle is being offered. But keep in mind that different factors can lead to a loss of value.

So it works for example negative on the resale value of the carwhen the Car involved in an accident was. Other defects such as dents, dents or scratches on the paintwork can also have an enormous negative impact on the value.

tip: To get an initial overview of the resale value of your automobile can achieve, it is also recommended to do this to be offered at several retailers. Keep in mind, however, that these offers are usually below the price you could get with a private sale.

Resale value of the car: The color is an important factor

That also plays a role in the resale value of cars Painting plays a crucial role. If you have given your car a new, hip coat of paint over the years, it can take revenge on used car sales.

Bright neon colors are usually not very popular in the used car market. Even with brightly colored paintwork, it is often difficult to find someone who would like to buy the car shades of grey, as well as a black or white car paint is popular.

This is how you increase the resale value of your car

You can do that Actively influence the resale value of your car. The better the car groomed the higher the price at which you can resell the vehicle.

You should advertise the vehicle on popular online portals take reasonable pictures of the car. It can't hurt to get the car through beforehand Vehicle cleaning to bring in an optimal condition.

Adding value also have an effect all extras that your car has. Do you have a air conditioning or one Seat heating? Does the vehicle have a Parking aid or other technologies that increase road safety?

You should get all of these accessories Make sure to mention it in your ad. A good selling point is always the fact that a vehicle is "Checkbook maintained" has been. This means that all repairs and maintenance recommended by the manufacturer were carried out on time.

consider it: Even when it comes to getting a good resale value for your car, you may also be potential buyers do not conceal any known defects or damage. For example, if the car was involved in an accident, it is imperative that you state this fact.
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