How is a date of birth celebrated in the Seychelles

Birthday in paradise

It was a milestone birthday that encouraged us to take a special trip one day. Therefore it was the last two weeks in June that we spent in the Seychelles. We couldn't have known how cheap this date was: as several locals told us, the tourists mainly come in July and August as well as over Christmas / New Year's Eve and April. And so there was no jostling in the streets, some of the beaches were entirely to ourselves, and no prior reservation was required in the restaurants (some restaurants were even closed in June.)

So we arrived on June 19, 2016 on Mahé and immediately flew on to Praslin in a small propeller plane. You couldn't see too much, but it was still worth it as a little adventure. Especially since you could get seasick on the ferry (return trip) (it is best to book seats on the upper deck.)

On Praslin we rented Les Villas d'Or, an accommodation that I can only enthusiastically recommend. Large rooms with very good facilities and WiFi, a wonderful ambience with only a few residential units and almost directly on the deserted beach, extremely friendly care by the owner Pierre and his receptionist Cecile, who were able to give us many good tips for exploring the island. For example, instead of visiting the “Vallée de Mai” national park, it is better to visit the Fond Ferdinand nature park. Even if we haven't visited the “Vallée de Mai” park now, better than the guided tour through the “Fond Ferdinand” park by the very dedicated guide Elbert, it couldn't be.

View from Les Villas d‘Or

It's 20 minutes along the beach from the guest house to the next town. There you can stock up on the essentials, even to cook yourself, because eating out is quite expensive in the Seychelles: 50 - 100 euros per person will have to be spent in the restaurant, especially if you want to drink a glass of wine (10 - 15 euro). Speaking of money: The Seychellois also take euros, but at best they convert 1:14 and would like to have rupees (SCR). There are also dealers or taxi drivers who do not take euros. Since you always get rupees as change anyway, I recommend getting involved in the local currency straight away.

After 4 days the ferry continued to La Digue in the Fleur de Lys. Also a really recommendable guest house, large rooms, centrally but quietly located, very nice staff. No TV, no WiFi, not even a phone to call the reception - we enjoyed the peace and quiet.

Anse Volbert, Anse Lazio

There are now guest houses on La Digue a dime a dozen, but luckily it wasn't the main season. Everything on the island can be reached on foot or by bike and you can eat well at the take-aways, which are open every day for lunch and dinner, where you can get everything from typical rice dishes to burgers in a practical styrofoam box, depending on the shop. Of course, you can also go to a restaurant or go to the supermarket (the largest shop on the main road to the south until just before the end). By the way, there are no street lights, which is why a flashlight should be in your luggage.

Internet: There is a restaurant / bar on the main street called Fish Trap. If you order a drink, you can also request the password for the WiFi.

Excursions: By bike (only a slight incline) to Grand Anse, from there on foot in about 30 minutes over the mountain via Petit Anse to Anse Cocos - my absolute favorite. But please put on sturdy shoes for the way, it literally goes over hill and dale.

Curieuse Natural ParkMain road on La Digue

The Anse Source d‘Argent is definitely worth a day trip, even if you have to pay 100 SCR entry. But be careful: you can actually only get into the water with diving shoes or similar, the beach is a single large coral bank with a reef in front of it. After another 4 days we went to Mahé by ferry (see above). There we stayed in the guest house Bord Mer Villa, a guest house that I can not recommend unreservedly for once (see Tripadvisor).

Two tips for Mahé: 1. Just get on bus 22 and drive once around the northern tip to Victoria via Glacis, then explore the city for 1-2 hours and then complete the circle with the same bus and return to your accommodation for a short while. 2. Let a German-speaking taxi driver show you the island. Although it costs significantly more than a rental car (€ 100 for 4 hours or € 200 for 8 hours), we received information and saw places that we would otherwise probably not have noticed.

On June 30th, 2016 I went back to Germany. All's well that ends well? Not quite, because our suitcases were gone and only came after 6 days. But SeyVillas wasn't to blame for that. On the contrary: the flights, hotels, transfers - everything went like clockwork. Big compliments to SeyVillas! Gladly again!

Anse Source d‘Argent
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