What is the best low cost airline

Low-cost airlines

Flights for € 5 - so advertise low-cost airlines like Ryanair and promise completely free flights for the future. What about these Low cost airlines you will find out in this article. I will explain to you what low-cost airlines are, why they are cheap, what working conditions exist for the staff and what low-cost airlines there are.

What are low cost airlines?

Low-cost airlines are airlines that offer flights at lower prices than traditional airlines. They are characterized by the renunciation of comfort and service (No frills concept) out. In contrast to upscale airlines, they usually offer direct connections and short-haul flights in order to save transfers and possible waiting times. On the one hand, the term “low-cost airlines” refers to the planes operated by low-cost airlines. On the other hand, it is synonymous with the low-cost airlines. In addition, low-cost airlines are known under the names "low-cost airline", "low-cost airline", "low-cost airline", "low-cost carrier", "no frills airline", "budget airline" or "discount airline". Many well-known airlines set up subsidiaries that offer low-cost flights. Customers can choose between comfortable and simple flights. The low-cost airline and Eurowings (and former Germanwings) are, for example, subsidiaries of Lufthansa.

Why are budget airlines cheaper? - the characteristics

The question arises as to how low-cost airlines manage to make such cheap offers and to keep themselves in the market. You have to pay attention to how they work or what defines them. There is no clear definition of the terms “low cost airline” or “low cost airline”. However, you can features that are typical of low-cost airlines. Because of these properties, low-cost airlines are usually cheaper than traditional airlines. Many low-cost airlines only own a specific one Aircraft typewhich saves you on the production of different models. Another feature is the above-average occupancy that is associated with the pricing policy. The booking of many low-cost airlines is exclusively online, which makes them save on staff and space. To avoid take-off and landing fees, they fly smaller airports on the edge of a big city. Many low-cost airlines use their own terminals and bid direct connections only at. Furthermore, they do not offer frequent flyer programs. Many low-cost airlines are trying to save on staff. The minimum number of staff permitted by law is employed and there is little organization of the staff in trade unions. Furthermore, low-cost airlines offer a single class on board what makes the construction and organization of the aircraft easier. There is less legroom than with classic aircraft and for every extra - like reserving a seat - the airline charges a surcharge. Low-cost airlines save with the smaller sums that arise after booking the flight tickets. This includes, for example, extraBaggage charges, for the payment method (by credit card) or for printing the boarding pass. There are no included food and drinks on board. You can buy both drinks and food for an additional charge. It is the same with newspapers and magazines. The savings mentioned are the reason for the cheap flight offers.

How do low cost airlines make a profit?

The airlines make the real profit from the extra payments that are incurred for luggage, seat reservations or meals on board. In addition, the companies save where possible. You save on comfort and service as well as on staff and salaries. The result is the daily supply of many short haul flights at affordable prices. If a large number of passengers pays a small sum, it ends up being a large sum that creates a profit for the airline.

How safe are low-cost airlines? About working conditions at low-cost airlines

Overall, you can assume that Low cost airlines for sure are. Like traditional airlines, low-cost airlines are subject to regular controls. However, the working conditions for the employees of low-cost airlines are much worse than those of larger, high-quality airlines. Because low-cost airlines use the minimum number of staff required by law in order to save, everyday work is more stressful for employees. You cannot afford to be absent or ill because there are not enough staff to represent you. For example, Ryanair was often criticized for its poor working conditions. According to this, Ryanair pilots earn below average salaries and if they fall ill they receive 50% of the maximum number of hours per month for the time on sick leave. Such working conditions are often a trigger for frustration and depression. The employees accept to go to work sick so that they get their full monthly salary and are not threatened with dismissal. In this respect, as a passenger on a low-cost airline, you have to weigh up whether you can agree with the overall conditions.

Which low-cost airlines are there?

There are many different low cost airlines around the world. In Germany, Ryanair, EasyJet, Eurowings and Wizz Air are the best known. I have listed all the major low-cost airlines for you:

    • Ryanair
    • EasyJet
    • Eurowings (former Germanwings)
    • Wizz Air
    • TUIfly
    • flybe
    • Norwegian
    • Vueling
    • Southwest Airlines
    • JetBlue Airways
    • Norwegian Air Shuttle
    • Jetstar Airways
    • Gol Transportes Aéreos
    • Lion Air
    • Westjet
    • AirTran Airways
    • Aer Lingus
    • InterSky

Low-cost airlines - my conclusion

The opinions regarding Low cost airlines are divided. Some condemn them because the working conditions for the staff are not good. Others love them because they save a lot of money. If you can do without the comforts and extras that upscale airlines offer, budget airlines are a great way to travel cheaply. You have to assess for yourself how you feel about the topic and whether you want to book a cheap flight. The best Flight bargains you get daily on my blog. Look in!