What is the contribution of the Philippines


You can find information on visa requirements on the website of the Philippine Embassy. Corresponding forms can also be found there. Before departure and during your stay, employers and seconded employees should absolutely observe the travel and safety information of the Federal Foreign Office. They contain up-to-date information about the regional and national security situation. The German-Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry supports German companies in their entrepreneurial activities.

social insurance

Germany has signed a social security agreement with the Philippines for pension insurance and employment promotion. The agreement prevents people who work in the other country from switching to the local social security system or having to pay double contributions.

For postings to the Philippines, German legal provisions can still apply if the conditions for broadcasting are met. To check this, download the questionnaire for posting to the Philippines (form DE / PH 101) from the website of the German Liaison Office for Health Insurance Abroad (DVKA) and send it completed to the responsible social insurance agency. For urgent postings, you can use the technician's fax service.

Since the social security agreement between Germany and the Philippines only applies to pension insurance and employment promotion, additional contributions may be due in the country of employment in the branches not covered.

If German law does not apply, for example because the conditions for broadcasting are not met, additional coverage in Germany can make sense - for example through voluntary continued insurance in the statutory health insurance or through expectation insurance.

Further important information can be found in the DVKA leaflet "Working in the Philippines".