Which food reminds you most of home

Question of the week
Which dish reminds you of your childhood?

Memories are time journeys that take you back to the most beautiful moments. You can look back on something and feel how you experienced it. You think back to the summer vacation at school and how you looked forward to it, and you get a smile on your face. Everyone has their own personal memories of something and for which one is grateful that one was allowed to experience them.

The one dish

And then there is this one dish that means more to you than just something to eat. This dish is associated with emotions, sensory impressions and stories. Be it mother's roast, which you always had for your birthday and which you were looking forward to weeks in advance, or the first casserole that you made all by yourself for the first time and made you feel so proud. For me it's Granny's toast with Nutella, which I always got when she was my babysitter. Such a simple meal, but so complex in the emotions that go with it.

And what is this one dish for you? And what feelings, perceptions or stories are behind it? I am very curious and look forward to your answers!

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