What is Chandrapur

Unconfirmed earthquake: 1.8 km northwest of Chānda, Chandrapur, Maharashtra, India, on Wednesday, May 19, 2021 at 07:28 GMT -

Quake status: highly uncertain
This record is considered not to be from an actual earthquake, because there is no officially confirmed quake that matches the user reports we received of the reported event closely enough.
In most cases, this event likely reflects something else that caused shaking, such as an explosion (typical for mining areas), a sonic boom, traffic, weather, or some other human or natural cause.
The initial report is below:
Although our monitoring service initially detected network activity typical for an earthquake, there was no confirmation by any national or international seismological agency. For this reason, it is highly unlikely, that it was caused by an earthquake.
May 19, 07:40 UTC: First message: VolcanoDiscovery after 13 minutes.
If you felt this quake or were nearby at the time of the quake, share your experience and report on the quake! Other users would like to know about it!
Even if you did NOT feel iteven though you were around this is interesting information to share! Authentic earthquake reports from users are of great importance for earthquake research, as they help to improve the models about the ground vibrations and therefore the hazard potential of earthquakes. You can use your device's position fix or drag the moveable marker on the map to your position to indicate your position at the time of the quake (optional). Many Thanks!

Earthquake data from different agencies compared

Info: The more different agencies indicate the same earthquake, the more reliable the data and the more accurately one can derive an average value for magnitude, depth, etc. It usually takes a few hours for the seismic data to be precisely evaluated and for the information to have reliable precision. This often leads to the magnitude and other data being corrected up or down repeatedly in the first few hours.

Earlier earthquakes in the same area since 1900

Map of previous quakes

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