When did the drama begin

A comedy for two men and one woman

Please note:
Unfortunately, due to the corona pandemic, this production will have to be canceled in the 2020/2021 season.

Our comedy for Christmas and New Year's Eve! Experience Monika Hirschle and Andreas Klaue in the legendary sketch "Dinner for One"! And find out how it all began: Who are the cast behind Miss Sophie and her butler James? Are they actually married? And why are they both suddenly speaking Swabian?

An ambitious theater director is supposed to stage “Dinner for One”. But instead of his preferred cast for the roles of Miss Sophie and the butler James, only Elvira and Klaus come to the audition. The two have been dancing as a duo on the stages of the Swabian province for many years. But the director doesn't find any other actors so shortly before New Year's Eve - and does his best to rehearse the legendary New Year's Eve with this quarreling couple. Not an easy undertaking! Above all, Klaus as the butler James is faced with some difficult tasks. Not to mention the tiger skin ...

Look forward to the two excellent comedians Monika Hirschle and Andreas Klaue as Elvira and Klaus or as Miss Sophie and butler James! And at the end of the year, enjoy the great sketch “Dinner for One” live on stage!

Our security measures:
! Limited space
! Maintaining the safety distance of 1.50 meters
! Maximum playing time per production 70 - 90 minutes
! No break
! The cloakroom may be taken into the hall and placed in the free adjacent seat
! Foyers and visitor toilets are cleaned particularly intensively
! No bar operation
! We are happy to have masks and disinfectants ready for you
! When purchasing tickets or when entering the theater, please provide your contact details