How do you feel about pro-life

According to a study by criminal law professor Franz Streng, every third law student in Erlangen is in favor of reintroducing the death penalty. Is there such a radical attitude at the University of Freiburg?

What do you think of the death penalty?

Uwe, law, 1st semester

In my opinion, the death penalty is never an adequate punishment. I think that no person has the right to decide whether a person should be sentenced to death. It's pretty clear to me: Nobody has the right to end a life.

Katharina, European Ethnology and Cognitive Science, 3rd semester

I think it's difficult to make such a harsh judgment. Especially when you don't really know whether the accused is guilty at all. There are certainly cases in which you then realize: It wasn't the person! I also believe that some perpetrators don't deserve to die. Death might be a lighter sentence than prison.

Wolfgang, art history, 3rd master's semester

I see myself as a person who is against corporal punishment in general. I am against punishment in general. You have to find a way in society to deal constructively with people who cannot single-handedly behave correctly - especially when dealing with other people. It should be possible to deal with them in such a way that one no longer needs any penalties at all. But of course I understand that this is an ambitious goal. It is essential for me that there are no corporal punishment, luckily this rule applies in Germany. I think that's a good and important principle of German law. The prison sentence is already a kind of corporal punishment in my opinion, but you still have the chance to get away without suffering any physical harm. You shouldn't go any further.

Regarding the death penalty, I would also like to say: a knocked out tooth or a severed finger - to name extreme examples - can be replaced, one could even continue to live with these restrictions. But life is something so fundamental that it must not be taken away from anyone.

Nicola, Environmental Sciences, 1st semester

I am of the opinion that one should not reward like with like. And besides, according to human rights, everyone has a right to life. I can understand when some people call for the death penalty. But even if someone commits very serious crimes, nobody has the right to decide that his or her right to life is being deprived of him or her.

Mark, Environmental Sciences, 1st semester

I clearly oppose the death penalty. On the one hand, because the perpetrators in captivity still have the opportunity to become a better person. You have the space to change your life and get a second chance no matter what you did. On the other hand, humanity could even miss something. One would have to accept losses through the execution of a possibly purified person.

If you have the right to kill someone and that affects someone who would later decide to become a better person, to make a difference in the world, then you would be missing out on something.

Julia, German Linguistics and Literature Studies, 3rd semester

I have to admit that I'm a little undecided on this subject. If you take into account that many people have a guilt-atonement thought, a long prison sentence would actually be a maximization of suffering. In my opinion, it is not about making people suffer as long and terribly as possible, but rather about punishing them.

Eric, Sociology, 5th semester

For me, the death penalty is something totally to be rejected. One only has to ask the question: what is our conception of people? When you think about it, the first thing you get is the idea that people can change. This is just fundamentally laid out in the human being. The fact that one can change and choose one's own path in a certain way without being dependent on someone at all times shows how little sense the death penalty is.

Such criminal proceedings prevent precisely this possibility of changing. What also comes to mind on this subject: What do you do with innocent people who have been killed? Or with those who can be found out in retrospect about their innocence? Or what if the law changes?

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Photos: Sabina Kist, Jill Helder Published on December 9, 2014