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Whether automatic or manual station search, factory setting or software update: you have to pay attention to this.

All DVB-T2 HD viewers in the hr broadcasting area must be on the day after the channel change (November 28, 2018 from 10 a.m. - please not before!) perform an automatic station search in order to be able to use the program offer again.

Although the steps and names when performing an automatic search differ from one another depending on the manufacturer and model, they are usually similar:

  1. Open the "Menu" using the remote control. Which remote control is required for the search depends on whether you are using a DVB-T2 HD set-top box for reception or a television set with an integrated DVB-T2 HD receiver.
  2. Select the point "Installation" (or "Settings", "Channel search", "Channel", "Antenna", "Antenna setting" ...). Use the arrow buttons on your remote control to get to the right place. Confirm with "OK".
  3. Each device offers an automatic and a manual station search. Select the automatic station search.
  4. Start the "automatic channel search" (or "automatic search", "automatic scanning", "channel search", "automatic channel search" ...).
  5. The device will now search for all available stations. This will take a few minutes.
  6. Then you can sort the program list according to your own preferences.

If you see new programs with the addition "(Internet)" or "(connect)" on your receiving device, these are channels that are offered over the Internet. To receive these programs, you need an HbbTV-capable DVB-T2 HD receiver that must be connected to the Internet.

additional Information

Download offers: Instructions for station search

We have put together explicit examples for the "automatic station search" on many devices in further documents. Alternatively, follow the operating instructions for your receiver.
Examples of instructions for automatic station search [PDF - 240kb]
Instructions Kathrein UFT 930 [PDF - 435kb]
Manual Samsung GX-MB540TL [PDF - 348kb]
Instructions for Skymaster DT-2 HD [PDF - 289kb]
Instructions Technisat Digipal ISIO HD [PDF - 375kb]

End of further information

If the automatic station search was not successful, it is advisable to reset the receiver to the factory settings and then start a station search again. All previous settings will be deleted! You then have to make the video and audio settings and sort the programs again. (Attention: The factory setting often also switches off the supply voltage for active antennas, which must then be reactivated when the connected antenna requires a power supply.)

We also generally recommend checking from time to time whether there is a software update for your receiving device and then installing it. Software updates can usually be downloaded from the manufacturer's website and installed on the end device using a USB stick. If the end devices can be connected directly to the Internet, a simplified update of the software is possible directly via the end device. It is also advisable to take a look at the operating instructions for the receiver or contact the manufacturer directly.

This is how a manual station search works

A manual search on the frequency of the missing channel is only recommended if not all channels or programs were found during the automatic search. Either the input of the respective channel or alternatively, depending on the receiver model, the corresponding frequency specification (in MHz) is required. Therefore, the automatic search is usually less complicated and preferable to the manual search. Carrying out a manual station search also differs depending on the manufacturer and model. You can find help in the operating instructions and the manufacturer's customer service.

Source: Hessischer Rundfunk

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