Why is the Washington Post so biased

The two women are sitting in a restaurant in Virginia. On the left the journalist from the Washington Post, on the right a red-haired woman who wants to tell the reporter her story about the Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore. At the beginning of the month the post Allegations of several women against Moore made public. They accuse him of sexually abusing them as children. And now there is this woman who pretends to have had an affair with Moore as a 15-year-old - that would fit the story well. But the reporter doesn't believe her. "I would like to know who you work for," she says. "If you have anything to say about why you are here and how it came about, now is your chance."

Via CNN that New York Times or to scold the mail is so popular with Donald Trump and his supporters that there is now even an abbreviation: MSM, "Mainstream Media", which in the eyes of their opponents has one thing in common: that they spread "fake news", misinformation . It was only on Monday that Trump blasphemed on Twitter: "We should have a competition to see which TV station, including CNN but excluding Fox, is the most dishonest, most corrupt and / or the one whose coverage of your favorite president (me) is the most distorted. You are all bad. The winner gets the fake news okal! ". There are people who are just waiting for a serious journalistic mistake to happen to one of these "MSM".

The woman asked for confidentiality. It is no longer granted to her

Now it looks like there was an attempt that Washington Post purposefully passing on misinformation - in order to convict them afterwards of false reporting: The editors consider it possible that the alleged Moore informant told her story on behalf of "Project Veritas": a platform founded in 2010 by the conservative political activist James O'Keefe and whose home page is currently dominated by a series of articles about the bias from CNN and the New York Times. The sources for the articles are secretly filmed conversations with employees of the respective editorial offices who reflect on their work - the Post reporter assumes that the alleged Moore victim also recorded their conversations. The woman first contacted Swiss Post on November 10th with a request for confidentiality. The last meeting in the restaurant took place last Wednesday.

This Monday employees of the Washington Post the woman watched as she entered the New York office of Project Veritas, writes the Post. The editors had become suspicious because the information that the woman had given about her job could not be verified. But a researcher found a website on which the woman announced that she was moving to New York to "work in the conservative media movement and fight the lies and deceit of the liberal MSM". The Washington Post has now turned the tables and made the possible deception itself the subject of its reporting. It shows how deep the rifts really are in the USA - and what would be possible for activists of all stripes if a medium does not want or cannot afford thorough fact checking.

The case is interesting for another reason. The Post recorded the conversation in the restaurant, which the reporter expressly told the woman. On the video that the newspaper has now published, you can also hear the woman say that she does not want her statements to be made public. Actually, you always stick to such agreements, says editor-in-chief Martin Baron. "But this conversation was the core of a conspiracy to deceive and expose us. We didn't fall for it because of our usual journalistic diligence." In the given circumstances, the agreement could not be adhered to.

Project Veritas founder James O'Keefe responded to the allegations in his own way - with a new video about the Post. The conversation in Virginia does not appear in it.