What hairstyles were popular in the 1920s

History of hair and hairstyles from the 1920s

At the beginning of the "golden" twenties, the big screen stars led the booming film industry Short haircuts as a sign of equality in family and society and thus trigger heated discussions.

In particular, the social position of women changed more and more, which was also reflected in new hairstyles.

Woman in the "Charleston Look"

The Charleston became the fashion dance of the 1920s. He became known in Europe in 1925 through Josephine Baker. When dancing, you wore special hats, one Feather boa and hair accessories.

Otherwise women rarely showed their entire head of hair. They wore a lot of hats (see photo above) or hood-like headgear that did not reveal a hair. On festive occasions, a headband with headdresses was worn.
In the twenties that rose Bob haired (Hairstyle with a short cut in the neck and low volume) to the epitome of the 20s fashion. In line with the general enthusiasm for ancient Egyptian culture, page cuts are becoming fashionable, in which the hair falls almost straight from the parting onto the full, but clear contour.

Typical short hairstyle of the 20s


The birth of the short haircut

A French star hairdresser was the first to allow women with one Short haircut to make happy. The fashion icon of the time Coco Chanel (Photo on the left) made the short cut popular in France. The Danish silent film star Asta Nielsen ("Hamlet", photo on the right) then helped the chin-length fashion hairstyle to become a worldwide triumph.

20s flapper hairstyle tutorial

Surging waves

Back then, hair was curled with water waves. This form of wave laying was particularly popular in the 20s and 30s. The slightly moistened hair was shaped into gentle waves with special clamps, lying close to the head, then blow-dried and fixed with a spray. Regardless of age and social class, fashionable women left their hair in the hairdressing salon, which is open even on Sundays undulating.

1928 opened by the way, according to his own statements, the youngest master hairdresser in Germany - Wilhelm Klinck in Kiel the first salon called "Klinck - hairdressing salon for women and men".

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Video tutorial 20s long hair instructions - of course in proper style with subtitles




Men in their 20s

In those years, men often looked "covered" in terms of hair - like Charlie Chaplin or Humphrey Bogart some were (almost) never seen without their headgear. Others, such as silent movie star Rudolph Valentino (Photo below) was one of the big trendsetters with his pomady short hairstyle. By the way, men with this hairstyle were called "pomade stallion" at that time.



Finally: drying hair with the power of a jet


At first it weighed two kilograms and blew 90 degrees hot air out of a kind of nozzle pipe:

That was the first hair dryer, which was invented by AEG as early as 1900. Thanks to the tireless spirit of research, the hair dryer weighed only 1.8 kg in 1910 and was already producing 300 watts.

The Duden then declared the "Föhn" to be the wind and the "Fön" to be a device in 1934. The then still German company AEG the word "Fön" was protected as early as 1909 and was then the only company allowed to advertise with this word (the Swedish low-cost manufacturer took over at the end of 2005 Electrolux from Sweden the traditional German brand and closed the plant in Nuremberg in 2007).

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