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Preserving the old - that is the common denominator of Muslims and Westerners. Both want that. Both want something they'll never get right. Both want to remain something that they are not, some believing, others enlightened. That's why there is noise. So back to Islam. Is that a particularly bad religion?

No, on the contrary. Christianity was more efficient as a murder machine. The Indians in South America and later in North America flattened, hacked to pieces in the Thirty Years' War, the pyres, the torture chambers and the two world wars with around 70 million dead - weren't they Christians? And Auschwitz? Was that the Muslims? But let's be fair. People kill on the basis of religion; Christians of various denominations in Northern Ireland did so until very recently. But they don't necessarily need religion to kill, it works just as well without it. The nation, the tribe or the skin color are also sufficient.

People do not kill because they are Christians or Muslims, but because they are murderers. That's why you have to forbid them from killing, that's why the commandment "You shouldn't kill!" On the other hand, we do not need commands like “Eat your fill!” Or “Sleep off!”

The fact is that Islam has comparatively little upside down. Presumably for lack of opportunity, I don't think there are huge differences between Christians and Muslims. Although - one cannot deny Christianity a special tendency towards sadomasochism. Another religion that makes a half-naked, nailed to the cross and crowned with a crown of thorns its icon, has to be found in this world first. Günther Anders tells somewhere what a terrible picture the crucifix was for him in his childhood. Practicing the desire to castigate yourself and torment others - perhaps this tradition made Christians the most successful world conquerors for a while.

But I am not an expert on religion, and humans are cruel animals, and torture techniques exist in all cultures. Mao Tsetung is reported to have been fascinated by the cruelty of the masses and that he calculatedly incited them to eliminate rivals and opponents. And how was that in ancient Rome?

One more story to get rid of. The reason why so many people fell victim to the Lisbon earthquake on November 1, 1755 was also because it took place at the time of the service and the churches in which the faithful had gathered collapsed. It hit the right people. For the afternoon a car dairy was scheduled, a burning of heretics that at that time had the character of a festival among the pious Christians. Incidentally, the last car dairy took place in 1826.

It always works like that. You want to talk about Islam and end up with Christianity. New attempt: Let's start with 9/11/2001, the attacks on the Twin Towers and the Pentagon. Who was it? Osama bin Laden and his crew, of course. But the script for the horror film came from America. This is the scene where Tom Clancy's bestseller “Ehrenschuld” ends and his bestseller “Orders from Above” begins. Only the guy who crashes his machine on the Capitol and thus wipes out the entire political leadership including the president is a vengeful Japanese with Clancy. The thrillers appeared in 1994 and 1996, at that time there were other enemy images.

What does that show us? Osama bin Laden not only watched American series on TV - he liked "Fury" best - he was also a fan of Tom Clancy. And he probably knew disaster films like “Earthquake” or “Flaming Inferno”. So: Where Islamism appears darkest and most archaic to us, westernization is most advanced.

Wolfgang Pohrt is a social scientist and journalist. The text is a preprint from his new book (“Capitalism Forever - About Crisis, War, Revolution, Evolution, Christianity and Islam”, Edition Tiamat, Berlin 2012). It will be published in mid-February.

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