Will ZTE go bankrupt?

Official: ZTE no longer produces smartphones

The ban on American companies from supplying ZTE, which came into force at the end of April, already fueled the worst fears that the company was doomed. After it became known only the day before yesterday that the SoC manufacturer MediaTek may now supply the company, however - cautious - hope was nourished.

Now it is clear: the hope was probably taken. In a press release, ZTE states that it has suspended important operational activities as a result of the sanctions that came into force on April 20.

In the declaration, however, ZTE clearly states that the company currently still has enough financial resources to service outstanding liabilities, so the company should not (yet) be in fact bankrupt. In addition, the dialogue with the USA continues to be actively pursued, with the aim of modifying or lifting the sanctions and finding a positive result.

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