Who is an anarchist

The word anarchy is derived from the Greek "an - archia" and means lack of domination. Accordingly, all currents of anarchism, no matter how different they may be, are based on the utopia of a society without rule.

For anarchists, however, lack of domination does not mean disorder and shambles, but a possibility to live together in freedom, equality and personal responsibility.

For us, anarchy is a social order without domination.

Anarchists understand people as a social being who is able to organize their life collectively, but above all independently towards themselves and their environment.

Anarchists have always rejected any state and proxy policy in any form, such as B. Autonomous rulers or rulers, functionaries and parties.

Campus life during Libertarian Days
Photo: Jürgen Steiner

The anarchist social utopia is based on two inextricably linked ideals: the ideal of freedom and the ideal of equality, in the sense of material and social equality. The freedom of all people is not possible without the equality of people, since the "weak" and "poor" will always be less free than the "strong" and "rich". Conversely, the equality of people without freedom would mean that all people would have to vegetate under the "yoke of community".

In an anarchist society, people live together freely, as equals and without rule. Coexistence is based on equality instead of hierarchy, self-determination instead of authority, mutual help instead of competition, free association instead of the principle of command.

How everyone feels, defines and fights rule is very different. Resistance to rule and the path to an anarchist society are equally important and equally important.

There are no major and minor contradictions in a society. Domination in all of its manifestations should be fought. This also applies to the so-called private sphere, for example in our relationships between men and women, in our dealings with children, old people, etc.

Therefore: the separation between the private and the political area should be abolished.


It followed Self-presentation of different anarchist directions:

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