Why my girlfriend sees Korean drama


100 days

As a couple, it's quite normal to celebrate your anniversary. For some, that is the date of their first date and for others, the day the relationship became official. Some also celebrate both and of course the wedding anniversary after the wedding.
But that's nothing at all against Korean Couple Holidays ... especially for young couples. In addition to the monthly holidays, they also celebrate their 100 day anniversary and more.

There are also couple apps that calculate such days for the couple and remind them of them.
Personally, I actually find 100 days a bit excessive. However, if you look at the speed at which some Koreans change partners, that makes a bit of sense.

Fast relationships - 1, 2, relationship

I just mentioned how quickly some Koreans change partners. Again, this is especially true of teenagers and people in their twenties.

That's why 100 days is a long time for many. But before one or the other judges prematurely, we must of course also talk about the reasons.
I have already told you above that the concept of dating and the beginning of a relationship in Korea are a little different from that of us Germans. You only get to know each other better in a relationship, see if you are compatible and if not, you break up. In itself, somehow, not so much different from us. It's just that you have more official relationships, but ultimately that's just a word.

But sometimes the reason is even simpler. One night stands or casual affairs are still frowned upon here, especially for women that is not appropriate again. You only have sex with your partner, they argue. It just doesn't say how long you must have been with the person before you have sex. Loophole! Then you are officially together for a few days and can have fun. Since you don't talk so openly about sex in Korea anyway, very few people get what you're doing there. And if you do, you can still say you were in a relationship and it just didn't work out.
Fortunately, all of this is slowly but surely becoming a little more relaxed

Ghosting - a Korean original?

But how do you end a relationship when it just doesn't work anymore?
A mature and normal option would be to meet and talk about it ... face to face. If you are a coward, also over the phone or even more underground over text. Still some form of communication. And yes, I am setting the bar excessively low now.
Because almost everyone now knows the most deviant way of breaking up. Ghosting.
While one can hardly say that ghosting comes from Korea, one can say that it is more widespread here. So far that some consider it completely normal.

For example, some argue that ghosting people with whom you only had one or two dates is okay. That happens a lot with us too. So now I just book it under, everyone as he likes. One can certainly argue about that.
But where everyone should probably agree that ending a relationship is absolutely unacceptable. One should think so. But even that happens here with nice regularity, in extreme cases even with spouses. Which is completely and absolutely incomprehensible to me.

But why is ghosting so common in Korea?
The most convincing argument for me is that many Koreans are very conflict-averse and avoid any kind of confrontation. Even saying no to someone is seen by some as a confrontation. While that may be an explanation, it is not an excuse for me.

To cheat on

Cheating is of course not a purely Korean problem and, according to official statistics, we in Europe are even supposed to be significantly more unfaithful. So why do I mention it here?

Well, to be honest, I am convinced that the number of unreported cases is significantly higher and the result is a bit falsified as a result. Again, several factors play a role.
According to this study, for example. In Korea, 40.5% of men surveyed do not consider it cheating when they pay for sex. What the women, however, see clearly differently with 15.1%.

In order not to just pick on men, I would like to emphasize that it is not so rare for both sexes to have multiple relationships at the same time, especially with younger ones. The fact that people do not talk openly about sex helps the cheaters a lot.
Interestingly enough, some do not see it as cheating if they have had something with a foreigner or a foreigner.

I don't mean to say that all Koreans cheat, by no means. They're just not, in my opinion, as faithful as they seem.