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Download previous iTunes Store purchases in the Music app on Mac

Most of the items you purchased from the iTunes Store can be downloaded onto your authorized computers and devices (up to 10 devices). Loading previous purchases gives you the ability to add items to your devices without having to sync your devices or manually copy files. You can also use it to replace files from the iTunes Store that you've lost or accidentally deleted.

You can also search for purchases that you have not yet downloaded onto your computer. You can also instruct "Music" to do this for you automatically. This option is useful, for example, if a charging process has previously been interrupted.

Note: Some types of previously purchased content might not be available in some countries or regions. Previous purchases may no longer be available if they are no longer in the iTunes Store.

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Download previously purchased items to an authorized computer

  1. Click in the app "Music" on the Mac in the sidebar click on "iTunes Store".

    If the iTunes Store option isn't available in the sidebar, choose Music> Preferences and click General. Make sure iTunes Store is selected, then click OK.

  2. Click on “Purchases” (under “All in One Click”) in the upper right corner of the iTunes Store window.

    This will display the purchases that are available for loading. You can either view all previous purchases or just those that aren't currently in your music library. Items already in your library cannot be loaded.

    You can view your purchases by title, artist, or album. If you're using the album view, click an album to see which tracks can be loaded.

    When you're looking for an item, enter its name or a keyword in the search field and press Return.

  3. Click on the associated "Download" button to download an article.

For information on how to load previously downloaded purchases onto your device, see the user guide for your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. You can get the user guide for a device that doesn't have the latest version of iOS or iPadOS on the Apple Support Manuals website.

Make sure all purchases have been loaded

  1. Make sure you are connected to the internet.

  2. Select "Music" in the app on the Mac Account> Check For Available Downloads.

  3. Enter your Apple ID and password when prompted and click Verify.

    Purchased items that are not already on your computer will be downloaded.

Tell Music to automatically search for purchases

  1. Select "Music" in the app on your Mac, choose Music> Preferences, then click General.

  2. Activate the option "Always search for available downloads".

Tip: You can also download previously purchased music by clicking the "Download" button click next to an item in your music library. If you don't see the Download button, choose Music> Preferences, click General, and select Sync Library.

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