How is Kohl's watch battery change service

Clocks - repair and general overhaul

A general watch overhaul includes the following steps:

  • Checking of all functions and visual inspection
  • complete dismantling and dismantling of the movement
  • Basic cleaning of the watch parts in various cleaning solutions
  • check all wear parts
  • Polishing of the wheel journals, the anchor surfaces and the levers
  • Correction of the center distances and fitting of new gear bearings
  • renewed cleaning of the watch parts
  • Check and, if necessary, replace the pendulum spring, locking spring or tension springs
  • Assembling the clockwork
  • if available, adjustment of the striking mechanism
  • Oil or grease all moving parts
  • Checking the movement and the striking mechanism
  • Assembly of the movement in the watch case
  • Test run of the watch over several days

Most clocks show signs of wear in the bearings, as these are usually made of brass. Simply cleaning the movement without removing these areas of wear and tear does not make sense, as this repair would only be short-lived.

We not only clean the relevant parts, but also ensure that they function properly. We re-mill the bearing seats and replace the defective bearings in order to be able to guarantee perfect operation in the future.

Repair of a French mantel clock - built around 1880