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5 good films on Netflix that you should watch - editorial recommendations

If you want to quickly see which films are recommended on Netflix, then you should use our special with the best films. There you will find lists for all genres. Meanwhile, here are five handpicked tips about Netflix original films, based on our reviews.

The view is still widespread that self-produced Netflix films are no good. There are actually numerous cucumbers such as the two and a half hour sci-fi boring "The Last Days Of American Crime", which we tear down for you in one of the most entertaining episodes of our podcast Canvas Love.

But if you choose the right films on Netflix, you will be well served, especially in the genres "Thriller" and "Drama":

"The Black Diamond": 5-star thriller drama

Adam Sandler plays a diamond dealer in New York who has this hectic city flowing through his veins: Sandler's Howard Ratner rushes from deal to deal without realizing that the pace (and many dark fellows he has to deal with) becomes dangerous.

FILMSTARTS review of "The Black Diamond"

The directors Benny and Josh Safdie stage their films as fast-paced, pulsating trips with a surprising outcome. The conclusion of our 5-star review on “The Black Diamond”: “Thanks to a grandiose cut and an even more grandiose sound design, the Safdie brothers seamlessly combine moods, while the frenzied plot presses the viewer into his armchair and Adam Sandler squirms so virtuously like an electrified eel. "

"Da 5 Bloods": 4.5 star war film

Four black veterans of the Vietnam War return to the former war zone because they want to recover the remains of their fallen leader - and a treasure. This summary only partially does "Da 5 Bloods" justice, as it can hardly depict how many topics director Spike Lee deals with here: War trauma and racism are the most important of them.

FILMSTARTS review for "Da 5 Bloods"

With lots of directorial ideas, 63-year-old Spike Lee has created a film that has the energy and political anger of a 20-year-old (except that a 20-year-old couldn't quote his way through war film history as competently as Lee). Conclusion of our 4.5-star review of “Da 5 Bloods”: “Exciting, moving and much, much more. 'Da 5 Bloods' is really big and powerful cinema - only on Netflix! "

The plot of "Roma" has little to do with the reality of most viewers in Germany: The young nanny Cleo (Yalitza Aparicio) looks after the children of a wealthy family from Mexico City in "Roma" - and the film takes place at the beginning of the Seventies. Nevertheless, the drama in which director Alfonso Cuarón processes his own youthful experiences is understandable and fascinating across cultural boundaries. This is primarily due to the staging.

The FILMSTARTS review of "Roma"

The opening scene shows an airplane that is reflected in the mopping water on the floor: Alfonso Cuarón stages the intimate, specifically located story in the largest possible images that combine the personal with the great. It was a pleasure who could watch “Roma” in the few cinema screenings that there were.

The conclusion of our 4.5-star review: “An intimate blockbuster, a titanic gem. Alfonso Cuarón's latest masterpiece grounds the visual wealth of ideas with deeply felt humanity and a touch of poetry. An event."

"The Meyerowitz Stories (New and Selected)": 4.5 star drama

For some directors, the creative freedom that Netflix offers its filmmakers by intervening much less in the process than with classic studio films is too great. There are unnecessarily long films without focus. Noah Baumbach (“Frances Ha”), on the other hand, as an auteur filmmaker is used to having a lot of creative control over his cheaply produced works. For Netflix he created the best double film of his career to date.

The FILMSTARTS review of "The Meyerowitz Stories"

Film number one is called "The Meyerowitz Stories", takes place in a dysfunctional New York artist family and is as snappy as it is warm-hearted. Conclusion of our 4.5-star review: "Noah Baumbach has taken over the scepter of the New York comedy king Woody Allen."

"Marriage Story": 4.5 star divorce drama

Noah Baumbach's second Netflix masterpiece is called "Marriage Story". Scarlett Johannson and Adam Driver play a New York artist couple in divorce, whereby Baumbach manages the feat that one can develop sympathy and understanding for both sides equally.

The divorce process is like a vortex into which the couple is drawn: emotional outbursts of one incite the other, while the lawyers escalate the initially mutually planned regulation regarding assets and custody into a fight.

The FILMSTARTS review of "Marriage Story"

The conclusion of our 4.5-star review: "An excellently played, deeply touching divorce drama that, despite its tragic subject and its proud duration, is also surprisingly entertaining."

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