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What a drama the 2009 cinema year was

moviepilot has rummaged through its data and evaluated which were the most popular dramas of the cinema year 2009. What came out of it surprised us. There are few pure dramas and your list is accordingly diverse. In every drama there are always elements of other genres such as comedies, romance films, thrillers - we try to take this into account in our genre information and have defined the term drama more broadly than, for example, just costume dramas or married tragedies. Your selection is accordingly colorful. There is something from every area. But even beyond genres, your favorite dramas in 2009 cannot be squeezed into any category: Hollywood is just as represented among your favorites as Germany, mainstream and art house alternate, cinema films can be found as well as television films. Hats off, you have shown good taste!

A TV production made it to 10th place in 2009. In their anniversary year, Ulrike Folkerts and Andreas Hoppe brought the Tatort to a new, qualitative high - and in the case of Tatort: ‚Äč‚ÄčKassensturz you duly honored that. Especially in comparison to your worst dramas of the year (see below), it is good to see that our movie pilots have not given up German television yet.

Your fourth most popular drama of the 2009 cinema year is more interesting. It's the romantic 500 Days of Summer that have just been nominated for two Golden Globes: Best Picture of the Year and Joseph Gordon-Levitt for Best Actor. The alternative to traditional romantic comedies is the perfect example that you don't let Hollywood lull you into lulling you, but also pay attention to films that don't have a multi-million dollar advertising campaign.

With Hachiko - you surprised us by a wonderful friendship. The remake of a Japanese film has been running in our cinemas since mid-November and thus had a month less than 500 Days of Summer to find fans - nevertheless, the family drama with Richard Gere almost made it to third place from a standstill. The second place goes unchallenged to The White Ribbon - A German Children's Story. Germany's hot candidate for the Oscar for the best foreign film has not left the movie pilots indifferent and proves that more intellectual art-house films are also popular with you.

All that remains is 1st place, the most popular drama of movie pilots of the 2009 cinema year! How could it be any different? Quentin Tarantino struck again and not only delivered one of the biggest Oscar favorites, but also took the hearts of movie pilots by storm. Christoph Waltz, who stole the show from all the other actors as a nasty top Nazi, is probably not entirely innocent. We congratulate Inglourious Basterds on the title of Most Popular Drama of 2009 and keep our fingers crossed for the 2010 Oscars.

We now have the best films by movie pilots - but which dramas have you exposed as the worst of the year? We have selected the most interesting for you.

The 9th place of the most unpopular films of 2009 is an exception. Where the wild things live was rated badly by you, without even being seen anywhere in Germany. We are used to such prophetic prophetic gifts for films with Britney Spears, the not yet finished Twilight films or the next action blast from a testosterone man - we would be a little more cautious about a film that was consistently highly praised by the critics ... Maybe one of them has or other moviepilot yes Where the wild guys live confused with the wild guys ...

3rd place goes to a TV crime thriller. After you voted a crime scene in the sky, the police call 110 followed: The poor children of Schwerin the crash - hardly anyone liked that. In general, German television seems to have made a lot of blunders this year. The widely advertised RTL event movie Vulkan follows in second place just before the police call 110. For Yvonne Catterfeld and Uwe Ochsenknecht very few of you were on fire. In general, 2009 turned out to be not a good year for the Ochsenknecht clan: The offspring of Uwe Ochsenknecht, who are currently jumping through all the tabloid magazines, were able to secure the title of the most unpopular film of 2009. You found gangs so underground that first place goes to the oh-so-hip youth romance by a large margin.

Maybe moviepilot should create something like a counterpart to the Razzie Awards and award your worst films with the moviepilot stinker (or something). We are thinking about something for 2010. Until then, a happy new year to all of you and thank you for voting! Keep it up. movie pilots, step away and celebrate!